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Panmure Basin     2 March 1999

It was a blue map, wasn't it? And I didn't hear of anyone who got their feet wet. It was another fine night and we hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry that those who arrived early didn't see the tide in like the late runners. It looks oh so much nicer with all the water in.

More newcomers to orienteering - great to see you - welcome to our summer series. There is only one left but there are plenty of other events coming up in the next few months. Collect a program detailing the upcoming events from the display stand next week.

The Katoa Po night relays, an interclub competition, was held near Mt Ruapehu last weekend and all those that went had a great time. The weather cleared for the event and the mountains looked magnificent in the moonlight. It was a cold night but a wonderful day dawned and another O event was enjoyed by all. (Join a Club and have fun like this!) One Auckland Club team was 7th and the other team was rather further back.

The final Summer Series event for this season is to be held on Tuesday the 9th of March back at One Tree Hill on a new map. The setter is Craig Wilson, an Auckland Club junior who is has just left for his first year at varsity, in Wellington. Come along to probably the best park orienteering area in Auckland. We're starting near the playgrounds which are near the Manukau Rd entrance to the Park. This is the second Secondary Schools event for the year so there will be lots of people there - come along and make the last Summer Series event of the season the best of the season.

On Sunday the 14th there is a forest event at Muriwai Forest, very near Muriwai Beach. This event is especially planned for Summer Series participants to come to. It is in the forest which you haven't experienced in the Summer Series but it has been set with you in mind. There will be coaching provided so come along and try orienteering as it is traditionally done. This map has some beautiful pine forest - you'll love it. There are 5 courses to choose from so there will be at least one to suit. You get to the map by coming to Muriwai and just after you pass the shop you turn right and then continue on until you get to the registration area. The route should be signposted from Waimauku on state highway 16 which goes to Helenville from the end of the NW motorway.

As we are approaching the end of this series it is time to think about your orienteering future. How about joining a Club and getting a bit more involved in this wonderful sport. Have you been enjoying coming to parts of Auckland you were unfamiliar with? Well how about more of the same but in a wider circle! Join the Auckland Orienteering Club and you will get the magazine, coaching, great events, a great social club spirit, lots of orienteering (at a reduced rate) and, of course, the opportunity of the famous night relay team spot next year!! Membership forms are available from the display stand next week or from the Stewart's (see below), the Auckland Club secretary Rob Jessop (828 4907), the Club membership officer Vivienne Leigh (828 8232) or, hopefully very soon, on the Club web page.

We found a baseplate compass last week and it wasn't claimed this week. If you've lost your compass please enquire at the campermatic or phone the Stewart home.

Thank you to all those who took time to fill out the questionnaire this week. We appreciate you doing this. For those that haven't as yet the questionnaire will be available at One Tree Hill and we'd very much like you to do so. It will help our planning for next summer series.

Thank you very much to Antoinette Fotherby for setting this evenings courses. It was not an easy map to work on. Many expressed surprise as to how 8kms was achieved from only two circumnavigations of the Basin but Antoinette put some tricky bits in that all added to the distance. Thank you again Antoinette.

Stewart Family (ph 575 5695; email


Course 1 8.0kms
         Rob Jessop (Unoff)   0:35:33
    1    Mark Lawson          0:38:17
    2    Rob Wayne            0:38:43
    3    Jamie Stewart        0:39:38
    4    Guy Cory-Wright      0:41:31
    5    Richard Cross        0:41:42
    6    Rudi Hlawatsch       0:45:57
    7    Douglas Kwan         0:45:59
    8    Mike Ashmore         0:49:12
    9    Craig Miller         0:50:27
   10    Bob Hattie           0:50:41
   11    M@ Crozier           0:51:05
   12    Graeme Hattie        0:53:45
   13    Nicola Kinzett       1:01:21
   14    Suzanne              1:04:30
   15    Martin Barber        1:05:48
   16    Craig Pearce         1:12:34
   17    Craig Chilvers       1:15:00
   18    David Stewart        1:41:02

Course 2 5.0kms                      
    1    Andrew Bell          0:25:43
    2    Robert Frost         0:27:10
    3    Fraser Mills         0:28:23
    4    Rob Ambler           0:29:14
    5    Stan Foster          0:30:45
    6    Phil Washbourn       0:33:02
    7    Mark Roberts         0:33:46
    8    DR Hamilton          0:33:50
    9    Allan Janes          0:34:13
   10    Mike Marra           0:34:20
   11    Mark Hodgson         0:34:33
   12    Brian Johnston       0:34:34
   13    Rob Scott            0:34:55
   14    Craig White          0:36:48
   15    Royce Mills          0:37:03
   16    Russell Howard       0:37:11
   17    Eric Howe            0:37:18
   18    Maurice Penney       0:39:09
   19    Greg Dawson          0:39:40
   20    Bert Chapman         0:40:41
   21    Katherine Bolt       0:41:23
   22    Chris Grove          0:41:41
   23    Charlotte Marra      0:43:38
   24    Glen Alexander       0:44:00
   25    Joanna Goudie        0:44:00
   26    Lynn Ashmore         0:46:08
   27    W Birdling           0:46:15
   28    Clive Bolt           0:46:43
   29    Christine Crate      0:47:24
   30    Asta Wistrand        0:47:55
   31    Willem Couwenbergh   0:49:41
   32    Rae Powell           0:50:12
   33    S & D O'Shea         0:50:21
   34    Karyn Pitt           0:50:23
   35    Sonya & Family       0:56:15
   36    Cheryl Lyou          1:02:11
   37    James Jelicich       1:04:46
   38    Phillip Barber       1:05:07

Course 3 2.9kms                                 
    1    Mark Walter                  0:20:12
    2    Robert Frost                 0:21:30
    3    Liza Brooks                  0:26:00
    4    Ian C                        0:28:02
    5    Kerry Hoggins                0:28:05
    6    Cecilia Lee                  0:29:20
    7    Emrob                        0:29:30
    8    Edwina Goodale               0:31:00
    9    Catherine Price              0:32:36
   10    Emma & Rory                  0:33:30
   11    Charlie Wood                 0:33:38
   12    D Lunny                      0:36:00
   13    JE Lambert                   0:39:41
   14    Robyn Howard                 0:41:14
   15    Helen Bolt                   0:45:00
   16    John & Jane                  0:48:33
   17    Orakei Sea Scouts (Max)      0:49:00
   18    Orakei Sea Scouts (Chris B)  0:49:00
   19    Orakei Sea Scouts (Barrett)  0:49:00
   20    Orakei Sea Scouts (Trent)    0:50:00
   21    Richard Butcher 

Course 4 1.9kms                                 
    1    Kowhai Cavell Guides      0:27:39
    2    Rata Cavell Guides        0:29:33
    3    Puriri Cavell Guides      0:42:17
    4    Kotukutuku Cavell Guides  0:43:12

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