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Orienteering - One Tree Hill    (3 November 1998)

Thank you all for coming to the first summer series event for the 1998-99 season. We’re sorry about starting on a raining evening but it was quite warm and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We are sorry that control KP disappeared and hope that didn’t upset too many. We put out a new control as soon as we found out - the new one was the one with the letters nearly washed off!

It was just great to see all you newcomers, please keep coming and we’re sure the weather will be better on most nights. Orakei scouts boosted the numbers and had a good time. Pity you were in the latter part of the evening when the rain was at its worst. Rain is no problem to scouts though, is it?

Although only in New Zealand for 10 days, John Pearce came for a run around the map - one he knows very well as he, with others, did the original mapping of the area. It was great to have you with us John.

If your time is not quite what you expected I apologise. With the rain making it very hard for you to write and the running ink making it hard for me to read there could be a few errors.

Next week we are at Western Springs, again on the Tuesday (the 10th). We’re starting near the Western Springs stadium entrance (not the Zoo as has been mentioned elsewhere). We’d love to see you all there, and bring some friends - the weather will be brilliant!!! The two weeks after that will be on the Wednesday evenings, the 18th at Mangere Mountain and the 25th in Auckland Domain.

Stewart Family (ph 5755695)
Contours Only 
        Rob J           0:42:15 
        Dave Middleton  0:53:10 
        Mark Lawson     0:57:49 
        David Stewart   1:02:55 
Course 1 
        Matt Tuck       0:36:48 
        Guy Cory-Wright 0:43:28 
        Dave Crofts     0:45:47 
        Jon Counsell    0:47:00 
        Rob Wayne       0:52:00 
        Ian Hunter      0:53:00 
        Mark Roberts    0:53:41 
        Chris Rowe      0:56:16 
        Rob Hattie      1:02:02 
        Rob Ambler      1:05:25 
        Andrew Fotherby 1:07:32 
        Antoinette Fotherby 1:08:00 
        Tony Cooper     1:08:02 
        Adrian Skimner  1:13:15 
        Steve Fotherby  1:15:09 
        Bert Chapman    1:15:48 
Course 2 
        Terry Nuthall   0:30:14 
        John Pearce     0:33:35 
        Allan Janes     0:35:01 
        Phillippa Poole 0:37:09 
        Clive Bolt      0:40:24 
        Selwyn Palmer   0:40:44 
        Rob Scott       0:44:03 
        Andy Brewis     0:46:30 
        Suzanne Dudding 0:47:50 
        Lisa Brooks     0:55:00 
        Bill Birdling   0:57:24 
        Mervyn Paitry   0:57:41
        Chris Grove     0:58:24 
        Greg Dawson     1:04:30 
        Nicola Kinsett  1:05:56 
Course 3 
        Mark Hodgson    0:24:13 
        Catherine Price 0:30:34 
        Mary Wadsworth  0:35:54 
        Mark Cassidy    0:35:56 
        Karyn & Paula   0:42:54 
        Cheryl Lyou     0:45:44 
        Dennis Badan    0:52:00 
        Gaylene Sargeant        0:55:00 
        Asta Wistrand 
Course 4 
        Amy Hodgson     0:15:00 
        Nick            0:19:10 
        Sarah Gilkison  0:22:25 
        Sherilyn Evans  0:30:15
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