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Self's Farm     4 February 1999

What another great night. The weather was just super and the farm map a real pleasure, both different and a challenge. A very big vote of thanks to Mr Self for being so generous and letting us use his land for this event. Many of the comments we heard at the end related to really enjoying the event and wanting to come back to the map. Many, even quite seasoned orienteers had never been to this map before. It was used for the Auckland relay championships about 5 years ago.

Thank you very much to Sarah Beaumont for setting the courses; there were many very complimentary comments heard around the finish about the courses set.

It was great to see the large number of members of the host Club attend, welcome to your summer series and we look forward to seeing you at the up coming events. Welcome back to Richard Cross after an absence of 9 years from O'ing in Auckland. Great to have you back and looking forward to seeing you at future events with your wife.

One of the great fun events of the orienteering year is Katoa Po - night orienteering held near Taupo on Saturday 27 of this month. There are teams of 5 and teams of 7 with the first runners starting just on dusk, the later runners certainly need their torches and the elites who run last often have a sleep before they start (at midnight if they are lucky). If this sounds like fun to you then contact your club and make sure you get into a team - team entries have to be in very soon. If you are not a club member and it sounds like fun, join up and join a team. To be in one of the Auckland Club teams please phone either Rob Jessop (8284907) or Alistair Stewart (5755695) and we can get you organised. As a bonus there is the first of the Central District OY's the next day so you get 2 O event for the drive down. (We'll try to organise transport for those that need a lift.)

A training session for night orienteering is being held on Saturday 13th February at Totara Park. This is being organised by Rob Jessop and Mark Lawson and will start about 8:30pm (just on dark). Park just outside the gate into the park and don't forget to bring a torch, you'll need it.. You are all welcome, club members and non club members, even if you can't go south to the Katoa Po event. For planning purposes we'd like to have some idea of numbers coming, could you please reply to this email or phone Rob (8284907).

The next event is next Wednesday, remember there is only 6 days to get over todays event, phew. Next Wednesday (10th ) is at the Auckland Domain starting from the Band Rotunda and there are 4 great courses prepared by Auckland Club junior, Katherine Bolt. The following week, Wednesday 17th , is a street/park map called Tamaki. We'll be starting in Sacred Heart College (please use gate 3 to get to parking and registration) which is on West Tamaki Rd, Glendowie.

Stewart Family (ph 575 5695; email


Course 1
   1    Stu Barr                    0:32:08
   2    Mark Lawson                 0:35:21
   3    Rob Wayne                   0:36:59
   4    Richard Cross  (missed one) 0:37:40
   5    Jon Counsell                0:39:47
   6    Dave Crofts                 0:42:19
   7    Dave Middleton              0:43:49
   8    David Stewart               0:44:15
   9    Andrew Bell                 0:44:53
   10   Rudi Hlawatsch              0:49:18
   11   Tom Davies                  0:50:15
   12   Douglas Kwan                0:51:11
   13   Mike Ashmore                0:51:32
   14   Rob Ambler                  0:53:38
   15   Craig Miller                0:54:00
   16   Tony Cooper                 0:54:18
   17   Alan Janes                  0:58:04
   17   Martin Barber               0:58:04
   19   Patrick Murphy              0:58:10
   20   Steve Fotherby              0:59:32
   21   Craig Pearce                1:09:42
   22   Antoinette Fotherby         1:10:27
   23   Suzanne Dudding & John Scott 1:17:04
   24   Bert Chapman                1:18:36
   25   Nicola Kinzett              1:23:28
Course 2 
   1    Creature              0:25:15
   2    Russell Howard        0:32:54
   3    Roland Rich           0:34:00
   4    Rob Scott             0:35:19
   5    Joanna Stewart (unoff)0:36:56
   6    Alan Verry            0:37:13
   7    Maurice Penny         0:37:52
   8    Mark Hodgson          0:37:54
   9    Phil Johansen         0:40:00
   10   Duncan Milne          0:41:40
   11   Katherine Bolt        0:44:09
   12   N Jackson             0:45:00
   13   Andrew Reid           0:46:00
   13   Aaron Erb             0:46:00
   15   Ken Green             0:46:38
   16   Andy Brewis           0:48:00
   17   Joep Smeele           0:51:00
   18   Ben Smeele            0:52:00
   18   Willem Couwenbergh    0:52:00
   20   Christine Crate       0:53:00
   21   Rawnsley Pitt         0:53:30
   22   Rae Powell            0:53:49
   23   Janet Oswald          0:54:05
   24   Vivienne Leigh        0:56:24
   25   Jill Brewis           0:58:26
   26   Tom Clendon           0:58:32
   27   Doug & Sue O'Shea     1:00:09
   28   Craig Chilvers        1:01:00
   29   James Jelicich        1:03:38
   30   Lynn Ashmore          1:05:02
   31   Phillip Barber        1:18:03

Course 3
   1    Roland Rich        0:20:44
   2    Amy Hodgson        0:21:47
   3    Leon McGivern      0:22:14
   4    Sam                0:25:13
   5    Catherine Price    0:31:21
   6    Joshua Payne       0:35:04
   7    Steven Green       0:35:25
   8    John & Jane        0:37:18
   9    Judy Cross         0:39:28
   10   Graeme Green       0:40:00
   11   Wood Ruck Manukau  0:50:00
Course 4 
   1    Robyn Howard       0:20:30
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