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Summer Series Results from Mt Richmond
February 5, 2002
Results from courses: Park  One  Two  Three  Four

What a shame so many of you decided to not trust the weather this week – despite having to set up for the event in the pouring rain the weather gods were kind to us and the evening was actually very much enjoyed by those that showed. Thanks very much, Melissa, for courses thoroughly enjoyed by all (with the exception of Bert, of course – where would we be without his good hearted moaning??). There will be a few people busily pulling biddy bids off clothing tomorrow but Mt Richmond really is a very pleasant little mountain, not very well known to most of us. Aren’t we lucky in Auckland to have so many of these gems tucked away in the suburbs. Hamlin Hill, visited by course one and two, is another – without the lovely trees of Mt Richmond at present, but this is being remedied fast by the Forest and Bird Society – each year we visit there has been more and more planting with the earliest ones having shot up into a lovely grove of young natives this year.

Talking of great places to visit, next week we are at Western Springs – a truly delightful park to visit, abounding with bird life and rabbits. PLEASE NOTE – We will be starting from the ZOO CAR PARK (not Meola reef as earlier advertised) The City Council, in their wisdom, has decided that far too many depressions have formed on Meola Reef and so are in the throws of covering it in clay to make it nice and smooth – they obviously don’t know about interesting control sites!!

You may like to mark on your calendar the first of the Sunday events, on Sunday, 17th February, at Totara Park in Manurewa, followed by a whole weekend of fun on 2nd, 3rd March when the North West club is organising an event Saturday afternoon, followed by a night event Saturday night and yet another Sunday morning, all up on the South Kaipara peninsula, north of Parakai. You can even camp the night there. Should be a great weekend, with all most welcome to attend. The night event will be great practice for club members who are planning to head off to Taupo in March to compete in the Taupo night relay interclub event. (an event not to be missed!)

With the forest events about to start up, if there are any of you who are newer to orienteering and think you would like to come to some forest events, but would like to learn a bit more about the skills of orienteering, we will organise a coaching session at one of the next summer series events. Just send us a reply to this email, letting us know you are interested and we will arrange it.

Don’t forget that Counties Manukau have an event on Thursday (7th) at Rooseville Park, Pukekohe

Park Race         2.5 kms 
   1 Brent Edwards             0:14:21                    
   2 Fraser Mills              0:14:41                    
   3 David Stewart             0:15:36                    
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Course 1         7.5 kms 

   1 Darren Ashmore            0:48:24                    
   2 Mark Lawson               0:52:20                    
   3 Jeff Greenwood            0:56:08                    
   4 Guy Cory-Wright           1:07:00                    
   5 Adrian Skinner            1:09:43                    
   6 Brian Johnston            1:10:04                    
   7 Natalie Rouse             1:12:02                    
   8 Craig Pearce              1:26:22                    
   9 Malcolm Gawn              1:43:52                    
  10 Dave Crofts               DNF                        
  11 Tony Cooper               DNF                        
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Course 2         5.5 kms 

   1 Malin Danielsson          0:48:37                    
   2 Alan Janes                0:50:49                    
   3 Mark Little               0:51:00                    
   4 Alan Verry                0:57:40                    
   5 Richard Kestle            0:59:00                    
   6 Martin Barber             1:00:25                    
   7 Shane Blackett            1:03:03                    
   8 Richard Christie          1:04:16                    
   9 V Smirnov                 1:06:35                    
  10 Smirnova Iryna            1:13:29                    
  11 Nicola Kinzett            1:14:49                    
  12 Mary Wadsworth            1:15:43                    
  13 Bert Chapman              1:28:25                    
  14 Les Paver                 1:30:30                    
  15 Melvina Wise              1:34:15                    
  16 Nick Budd                 1:34:31                    
  17 James Jelicich            1:50:53                    
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Course 3         2.6 kms 

   1 James Sydenham            0:15:53                    
   2 Mark Roberts              0:22:00                    
   3 Jane Adams                0:29:50                    
   4 Keith Adams               0:30:28                    
   5 Alison Comer              0:30:30                    
   6 Christina Renhart         0:31:00                    
   7 Kathy Farquhar            0:31:12                    
   8 Paul & Michelle Kemp      0:32:21                    
   9 Richard Finley            0:32:28                    
  10 Alina Smirnova            0:39:25                    
  11 Catherine Price           0:40:00                    
  12 Ben Trengrove             0:40:35                    
  13 Doug O'Shea               0:44:43                    
  14 Sue Fitzpatrick           0:45:00                    
  15 Wendy & Gary Reinink      0:47:00                    
  16 R Bennett                 0:50:00                    
  17 Phillip Barber            0:51:45                    
  18 Fitzpatrick               0:54:00                    
  19 Jennifer Trinick          1:05:30                    
  20 Lisa Roberts              no time                    
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Course 4         1.7 kms 

   1 Pete & Jesse              0:14:40                    
   2 Luke Mulholland           0:21:01                    
   3 Kate Smirnova             0:30:01                    
   4 Jack Bryant               0:59:09                    
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