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Summer Series Results from Churchill Park
December 11, 2003

Results from courses: One   Two   Three   Four

After a somewhat questionable few days the evening turned out to be fine, sunny and very hot. Those running late were out in a lovely mild evening but there were some very red looking runners returning in the first half of the night. There were many requests for the nearest water tape. Unfortunately at these events there is often no water handy and we don’t provide it so do make sure you come well supplied as the days are warming up. A big welcome to all the first timers tonight. We do hope you enjoyed your outing and that we will see you back again.

Thanks very much to Claude for a great set of courses – as a first time setter we look forward to Claude’s future course setting efforts. There were many complimentary comments from folk who had enjoyed both the courses and venturing into an area new to many. Most course one runners seemed to enjoy a run along the coast – even if some ran rather further than they planned owing to difficulty in spotting the track off the beach at Gentleman’s Bay. I am sorry if this caused some people consternation. An attempt had been made to mark the logs on the beach, close to the track but they did not end up very easy to see on the map. In retrospect perhaps there needed to be some marking at the end of the track to attract attention to it. If you realised you needed to look hard you could see it but it wasn’t obvious. Perhaps some of you were preferring to look at the view out to sea rather than looking too hard inland!!

Blair Trewin, well known Australian orienteer and magazine correspondent, joined us for a run tonight and said that he must tell his Aussie audience to stop getting excited over the nude photo in a recent O magazine because NZ’ers set route choice legs right through nudest beaches!!

One of our newcomers had a little trouble recognising some of the symbols on the map tonight. As he had mentioned he was an experienced orienteer from way back it was a little surprising until we realised that his orienteering had been done in the early days of orienteering in this country when all the maps were hand drawn in black and white! It is quite amazing the changes that technology has done for our sport in the last 30 years. In the really early days orienteers would disappear out into the forest for about 5 hours on courses closely resembling a treasure hunt. Thank goodness for OCAD and laser printers!!

Next week is the last event before Christmas. The start is in Puriri Drive, Market Rd end, beside Alexandra Park Race Course. Course 4 will stay in the race course area but Course 1 to 3 will venture out towards Mt St John and Mt Hobson as well. We look forward to seeing you there. (NOTE: No toilets at this venue - the closest are at Melville Park on St Andrews Rd - about 8 minutes away or in One Tree Hill.)

Coming Soon

For those energetic folk who feel like running off the Christmas Turkey, Lactic Turkey is organising The Wild Turkey Off Road Half Marathon on 10th January 2004.

Classed as "Auckland's toughest off road adventure run", this event is for walkers and runners and as well as the half marathon also has a 16km option.  Based at the southern end of the Waitakere ranges at Whatipu the course takes you along the beach, turning inland just after Pararaha Point. Follow the Pararaha Stream (over boulders and old Kauri dams, through rock pools, and up small waterfalls) up to the highest point of the race then drop back down into Whatipu.  The shorter 16km course avoids the stream section and heads back to Whatipu through a lovely bush track from the start of the Pararaha Stream. It is estimated the 21km course winning time will be 2 hours and may take up to 5 hours for some participants. Estimated winning time for the 16km option is around 1 hour 30 and up to 3 hours for walkers.
Start is at 9am for both races and a BBQ is provided after the race.  Lots of spot prizes and some Icebug off road running shoes for 1st placegetters.

For more details please go to

Course 1         7.6 km
   1 Mark Lawson               0:46:29                    
   2 Tim Renton                0:57:14                    
   3 Dave Crofts               1:00:50                    
   4 Jeff Greenwood            1:01:04                    
   5 Gus Grey                  1:01:24                    
   6 Blair Trewin              1:03:25                    
   7 Richard Kestle            1:04:53                    
   8 Rudy Hlawatsch            1:06:32                    
   9 C.. & Wayne               1:10:00                    
  10 Brian Johnston            1:11:00                    
  11 Phil White                1:14:15                    
  12 Mike Beveridge            1:25:43                    
  13 Mark Roberts              1:33:27                    
  14 Glenn Turner              1:35:00                    

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Course 2         4.8 km

   1 Martin Freeman            0:41:50                    
   2 Alister Hood              0:44:30                    
   3 Jeanine Browne            0:44:36                    
   4 G Frith                   0:44:50                    
   5 Craig Pearce              0:45:03                    
   6 M Edwards                 0:47:12                    
   7 Shane Blackett            0:47:18                    
   8 Wayne Erb                 0:49:40                    
   9 Di Michels                0:51:57                    
  10 Leo Cheng                 0:52:00                    
  11 M Jones                   0:52:49                    
  12 Stephenson & Stephenson   0:53:36                    
  13 Suzanne John & Tess       0:54:21                    
  14 Selwyn Palmer             0:54:33                    
  15 Kane Alward               0:55:11                    
  16 Peter Godfrey             0:55:57                    
  17 Tony & Judy               0:56:10                    
  18 Miles Paver               0:58:45                    
  19 Nicola Kinzett            0:58:58                    
  20 Debbie Bevins             0:59:00                    
  21 Megan & Robert            0:59:37                    
  22 David Moorehouse          1:02:30                    
  23 Mark Wilson               1:03:03                    
  24 Barbarella & Paul How    
     hard can it be            1:04:00                 
  25 Jane Simmonds             1:04:40                    
  26 Russell Howard            1:04:44                    
  27 Helen Glenny              1:14:00                    
  28 Graeme Tessa Brown        1:14:37                    
  29 Asta Wistrand             1:15:12                    
  30 Christina Renhart         1:17:00                    
  31 Sandra Toppin             1:17:00                    
  32 Lost Souls                1:31:00                    
  33 No Name                   1:40:21                    
  34 Reuben Wilson             1:42:00                    
  35 Owen Means                1:43:59                    
  36 Carole Means              1:43:59                    

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Course 3         3.0 km

   1 David Stewart             0:24:24                    
   2 Gabriel Hood              0:28:30                    
   3 Alan Verry                0:30:40                    
   4 Antoinette Maulder        0:32:03                    
   5 No Name                   0:34:00                    
   6 Mike Brady                0:35:10                    
   7 Nick Monteith             0:38:00                    
   8 Toby Scott                0:38:00                    
   9 Nicola Wigul              0:38:00                    
  10 Lyn Stanton               0:38:24                    
  11 Imogen Scott              0:39:19                    
  12 Dave Hey                  0:42:50                    
  13 Jane Adams                0:44:00                    
  14 Keith Adams               0:46:00                    
  15 No Name                   0:48:11                    
  16 Richard Thorpe            0:48:58                    
  17 Sue & Vic Fitzpatrick     0:49:00                    
  18 Steve F                   0:49:20                    
  19 Murray Furness            0:50:00                    
  20 Catherine Price           0:55:37                    
  21 Nicola Yan                0:57:00                    
  22 C Landels                 0:58:00                    
  23 Allan Veale               0:58:00                    
  24 Richard Todd              1:00:00                    
  25 Odette                    1:01:00                    
  26 Snails                    1:02:00                    
  27 Liz P & Ross              1:04:58                    
  28 Lisa Barber               1:06:00                    
  29 Renee Brocas              1:07:00                    
  30 Jo Goudie                 1:07:00                    
  31 Bob Lindop                1:07:00                    
  32 Shannon Colligan          1:12:01                    
  33 Richard Barron            1:16:00                    
  34 Viktor,Amy,Luke           1:17:00                    
  35 Marianne                  1:18:00                    
  36 Nathaniel James Hood      1:23:46                    
  37 Eileen Hood               1:23:50                    
  38 Simon Powell (7)          1:25:00                    
  39 Vicki Teo                 1:25:00                    
  40 Steph Ann & Darina        1:34:00                    

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Course 4         1.9 km

   1 Georgia Cattley           0:34:35                    
   2 Juanita & Finnegan Murphy 0:36:16                    
   3 Sean McCarthy             0:40:00                    
   4 Lydia                     0:40:00                    
   5 Katie,Jesse & Alex Fyfe   0:48:00                    
   6 James Prosee (9)          0:55:55                    

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