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Summer Series Results from Western Springs
February 12, 2002
Results from courses: Park  One  Two  Three  Four

It's happened again. Yes, you know, rain and plenty of it. However, as different from last week, a goodly number of you decided to brave it. And enjoyed it too. Once you are wet, and that was very easy to achieve, further rain was no problem and so course 1 was quite popular. Having put the controls out and set everything up in the rain it was very pleasing to see you all come out.

Thanks to Ian Sydenham and Dave Crofts for setting and controlling todays event. Unfortunately Ian couldn't make it to the park as he had to work for rather more than 24 hours leading up to the day and wasn't in a fit state to attend. He was very disappointed.

Welcome those of you who were new to the sport today. Hope you enjoyed yourselves, it's even more fun in nice weather. Although a few commented it was better to run in the rain than in the heat that we've been experiencing recently.

Next week the event is on WEDNESDAY. The event centre is on Grand Drive near the junction with Abbotts Way. Parking is available in a small car park off Grand Drive but those that can't get in there we suggest using Grand Drive and not Abbotts Way as it is very busy. Where ever you use be careful of passing traffic. The map, Waiatarua, has only been used once before, by course 1 only at the event where we started at the Elleslie Racecourse, so it is largely a new map. It is very flat and has a lovely bush area in the middle. Come along and enjoy a new part of town. There is a direction map available on the Auckland Club webpage.

We gained two very nice items at todays event. A very nice thumb compass and a great rain jacket (Columbia - blue, black and red, size M) were left behind at the end. Please reply to this email or ring 5755695 if you wish to claim either of these.

As we started to put out the controls and found the bridge so close to the start/finish area closed we wondered how we could hold the event. In the end it turned out no too badly as only course 3 couldn't be sensibly done but this was fixed by removing a control. Gave us a bit of a shock but, with all your understanding, we got through without a disaster.

This Sunday there is an event at Totara Park, just south of Manukau City. Turn off the motorway at Manurewa and then immediately turn left. It is very much like a Summer Series event but held on Sunday morning. We are not sure of the start times but it most likely will be 10am to 11:30.

Please note that there has been a change of dates of the North West event. There is no event on the weekend of 23/24 (except for those really keen amongst us who will be heading South for the Kaweka Challenge - look forward to hearing tales about it) but there is the 3 events on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd up in Woodhill forest - Saturday afternoon, a night event and camping over and then another event Sunday morning - all are welcome to attend all or part. Non club members are very warmly encouraged to come along and give the forest a go - there will be plenty of us there more than happy to help out. It should be a fun weekend. And club members, we are needing to get the teams organised for the Taupo night relays the following weekend - it is always really fun so if you haven't tried before, how about this year? Auckland club members, please ring or email the Stewarts (5755695, or reply to this email)

Coaching for newer orienteers, particularly those keen to give the forest a go will be offered at the Summer series event next week (20th) - if you haven't already let us know and would like to take part, please respond to this email.

Park Race         2.8 kms 
   1 Brent Edwards             0:13:56                    
   2 Shaun Collins             0:14:13                    
   3 Mark Lawson               0:15:28                    
   4 Neil Kerrison             0:15:29                    
   5 Madeleine Collins         0:17:00                    
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Course 1         7.4 kms 

   1 Darren Ashmore            0:41:07                    
   2 Brent Edwards             0:41:40                    
   3 Adrian Skinner            0:43:27                    
   4 Mark Lawson               0:44:48                    
   5 Dave Crofts               0:44:53                    
   6 Shaun Collins             0:46:06                    
   7 Neil Kerrison             0:48:49                    
   8 David Stewart             0:50:11                    
   9 Jeff Greenwood            0:51:37                    
  10 Rudy Hlawatsch            0:54:48                    
  11 Madeleine Collins         0:56:47                    
  12 Tim Renton                0:58:30                    
  13 Malin Danielsson          0:59:33                    
  14 Martin Peat               1:00:38                    
  15 Phil White                1:03:13                    
  16 Melissa Edwards           1:06:15                    
  17 Tony Cooper               1:08:35                    
  18 Eric Verkavik             1:13:00                    
  19 Adrian Griffiths          1:19:00                    
  20 Craig Pearce              1:19:24                    
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Course 2         4.1 kms 

   1 Allan Janes               0:32:20                    
   2 Mark Roberts              0:32:32                    
   3 David Barr                0:34:00                    
   4 Ben Balmforth             0:34:00                    
   5 Dave Middleton            0:34:28                    
   6 Pete Swanson              0:35:00                    
   7 Simon Jager               0:36:55                    
   8 Norm Jager                0:37:27                    
   9 David & Phil Creagh       0:38:30                    
  10 Bruce Peat                0:42:00                    
  11 Justin Graham             0:42:29                    
  12 Mark Little               0:43:00                    
  13 Malcolm Gawn              0:43:48                    
  14 Alison Comer              0:43:48                    
  15 Jamie Munro               0:45:45                    
  16 Nick Moore                0:46:30                    
  17 Nicola Kinzett            0:52:04                    
  18 Vanessa Cammell           0:53:00                    
  19 Rowan Cammell             0:53:00                    
  20 Mo                        0:54:00                    
  21 Bert Chapman              0:55:19                    
  22 Iryna Smirnova            0:56:01                    
  23 Catherine Price           0:59:01                    
  24 James Jelicich            1:35:00                    
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Course 3         2.8 kms 

   1 Pete Smith                0:23:00                    
   2 Paul & Michelle Kemp      0:24:25                    
   3 Q Ball                    0:26:28                    
   4 Miles Paver               0:27:12                    
   5 Helen Wadsworth           0:29:26                    
   6 Ali Colman                0:30:30                    
   7 Darren Scott              0:30:30                    
   8 Smirnova Alina            0:33:16                    
   9 Sarah Painter             0:35:00                    
  10 Raewyn Hooper             0:36:30                    
  11 Sandy McGivern            0:37:08                    
  12 Rosie Hewlett             0:37:37                    
  13 Ray Palmer                0:42:10                    
  14 Ben Trengrove             0:42:26                    
  15 Alex McCormick            0:43:10                    
  16 Joanne                    0:49:00                    
  17 Noakes                    0:52:00                    
  18 Sue Fitzpatrick           0:53:00                    
  19 Vic Fitzpatrick           0:53:00                    
  20 Patricia Jerkovich        1:01:40                    
  21 Jennifer Chisholm         1:01:40                    
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Course 4         1.9 kms 

   1 Matthew Ng-Wai Shing      0:15:07                    
   2 Ray Palmer                0:15:54                    
   3 Daniel Wickman            0:18:20                    
   4 Daniel                    0:20:34                    
   5 Ian Jenkins               0:20:51                    
   6 Jennifer & Jesse          0:21:17                    
   7 Terence Beeton            0:21:47                    
   8 David Guspand             0:22:20                    
   9 David Milner              0:23:43                    
  10 Weston                    0:24:21                    
  11 Kowhai Cavell             0:26:46                    
  12 Landels/Jones             0:29:46                    
  13 Mike Carr                 0:30:08                    
  14 Larry & Fiona             0:32:00                    
  15 Cavell Kotukutuku         0:32:49                    
  16 Joon Ha                   0:33:10                    
  17 Hayden M Briant           0:33:47                    
  18 Kate Smirnova             0:35:06                    
  19 Rata Cavell               0:35:40                    
  20 Puriri Cavell             0:41:48                    
  21 Major                     no time                    
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