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Pot Luck 15Feb2004 Sun 2004/02/15 7:53 p.m.
Results created by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

Controllers report on promotion event Sunday 15 Feb 2004

It was good to see a lot of new faces at the first forest event for the year and I enjoyed talking with some of you about your route choices and relocating experiences. It could help you to know that this part of Woodhill forest is one of the more challenging orienteering areas. It is a compliment to Tim's course setting that only one person on the beginners' courses (4 to 6) was unable to finish. Control 4 on course 4 was the culprit and was definitely the most difficult leg on that course.

The fastest few times on course 1 were close to the targets although courses 2 to 4 were somewhat too long. One of the difficulties in setting course lengths for the red (difficult) courses at a promotional event is that information about previous events is generally for OYs, which are not directly comparable. Also, the first forest event of the year can be both a physical and technical challenge after the rest over the summer holiday period.

Control 2 on courses 1 and 3 was problematic for some (knoll, coordinates 67, 202mm from bottom left map corner). The best attack feature is the small hill with the two knolls 100m SW of the control. To get there you needed to keep in contact with the features on the ridge to the left of your travel direction. If you overshot and ended up on the road then pace counting from the small clearing on the track NW of the control would have brought you into the small reentrant N of the control. I did both as part of the controller's task. Control 10 on course 1 and control 7 on course 3 was also problematic (saddle, coordinates 115,147). When checking Tim's courses I came into the control through the large clearing N of the control at the track intersection, into the depression 100m SE of the clearing, and then along the bottom of the slope and up into the saddle when changing direction from SW to E. You had to keep your eye on the compass. The saddle was also readily attackable from the clearing to the W. The danger for course 3 people coming from the SE was drifting to the right, hitting the SW ridge off the hill to the E of the control while thinking it was the one to the West.
The wrong contour interval on the map may have misled some. If you had not recalibrated from 5m to a 2.5m interval by the time you needed to relocate then you could have been in all sorts of trouble. (The area was previously mapped with a 3.5m contour and then was not used after 1992 following tree harvesting. In 1998 it was remapped for use in the AOA championships. At the time, the NZOF wanted a 5m contour to be standard for all maps. The map legend obliged but the contour did not, preserving Auckland's independence from central bureaucratic control. Furthermore, people from outside of Auckland are not told so they are handicapped against the locals. )
While I am on "stuff ups", my apologies for the missing taped section on course 6. Tim and I thought the other was doing it. Fortunately, it was obvious where to go and probably did not need a tape even though the course setting rules required it.

John Powell

Split times, WinSplits Online

   Pl Name                 Club                           Time 

Course 1  (32)        5.790 km  0 m   13 C                    

    1 Mark Lawson          NW                            48:46 
    2 Jeff Greenwood       A                             49:54 
    3 James Williams       ESOC                          51:06 
    4 Geoff Mead           NW                          1:03:22 
    5 Martin Peat          CM                          1:05:12 
    6 Peter Swanson        A                           1:09:45 
    7 Claire Paterson      RK                          1:10:04 
    8 Dave Crofts          A                           1:11:41 
    9 Phillippa Poole      NW                          1:11:57 
   10 Robin Ambler         NW                          1:12:56 
   11 Mark Roberts         A                           1:13:01 
   12 Rudy Hlawatsch       A                           1:13:50 
   13 Dave Middleton       NW                          1:14:01 
   14 Ivor Noot            Epoc                        1:15:42 
   15 David Stewart        A                           1:16:58 
   16 Lisa Moen            NW                          1:17:19 
   17 Terje Moen           NW                          1:18:13 
   18 Trevor Murray        NW                          1:20:54 
   19 Phil White           None                        1:26:37 
   20 Bruce Peat           CM                          1:27:32 
   21 Alastair Long        CM                          1:35:27 
   22 Bob Hattie           CM                          1:41:55 
   23 Craig Pearce         A                           1:44:00 
   24 Nicola Kinzett       A                           1:48:14 
   25 Claude Dabaliz       A                           1:51:14 
   26 Nic Gorman           HV                          1:57:32 
   27 Les Paver            NW                          2:17:12 
   28 Lindsay Wood         CM                          2:41:03 

      Michael Ashmore      A                                mp 
      Miles Paver          NW                               mp 
      Nicholas Oram        A                                mp 
      Sarah Noot           Epoc                             mp 

Course 2  (16)        4.210 km  0 m   11 C                    

    1 Alistair Stewart     A                             56:52 
    2 Trevor Carswell      NW                            59:30 
    3 Graham Frith         PAPO                        1:00:03 
    4 Brian Long           CM                          1:01:35 
    5 Angela Levet         NW                          1:08:49 
    6 Darren Gosse         NW                          1:11:51 
    7 Marit Moen           NW                          1:16:27 
    8 Peter Godfrey        NW                          1:19:32 
    9 Gary Farquhar        NW                          1:20:17 
   10 Alistair Smithies    NW                          1:26:04 
   11 Lisa Mead            NW                          1:27:00 
   12 Jill Smithies        NW                          1:28:13 
   13 Mary Moen            NW                          1:28:14 
   14 Joanna Stewart       A                           1:29:06 
   15 Mark Wilson          A                           2:04:35 
   16 Hebe Lo              HKong                       2:18:18 

Course 3  (16)        3.100 km  0 m   9 C                     

    1 Alison Comer         A                             56:27 
    2 Terry Nuthall        A                             57:54 
    3 Leon McGivern        A                           1:02:39 
    4 Lyn Stanton          A                           1:10:17 
    5 Kathleen Farquhar    NW                          1:10:30 
    6 Graham Peters        NW                          1:11:06 
    7 Glen Middleton       NW                          1:20:53 
    8 Jennifer Trinick     A                           1:21:19 
    9 Judith Burnie        CM                          1:23:14 
   10 Catherine Crofts     A                           1:31:55 
   11 Elke Haag            NW                          1:31:58 
   12 Rae Powell           A                           1:45:08 

      Paulette Noot        Epoc                             mp 
      Lesley Stone         NW                               mp 
      Judith Burnie        CM                               mp 
      Lisa Roberts         A                                mp 

Course 4  (11)        4.330 km  0 m   10 C                    

    1 Imogene Scott        A                           1:03:31 
    2 Nick Monteith        None                        1:07:10 
    3 Toby Scott           A                           1:08:45 
    4 Nick Mead            NW                          1:10:03 
    5 Vic Fitzpatrick      None                        1:23:20 
    6 Lucy Mills           None                        1:30:33 
    7 Megan Officer        NW                          1:34:01 
    8 David Scott          A                           1:34:52 
    9 Alan McPherson       None                        1:48:39 

      Reuben Wilson        A                                mp 
      Rosie Hewlett        None                             mp 

Course 5  (7)         2.010 km  0 m   9 C                     

    1 Renee Brocas         A                             34:45 
    2 Lydia Scott          A                             37:27 
    3 Thelma Haslip        None                          45:29 
    3 Anne Jeans           None                          45:29 
    5 Tony Parker          None                        1:05:26 
    6 Phys Thompson        WHO                         1:11:52 
    7 Caz Brigham          None                        1:21:38 

Course 6  (3)         2.070 km  0 m   8 C                     

    1 Marie Hogan          None                          43:32 
    2 Alex Boyd            A                             47:17 
    3 Katuna Paterson      None                          50:42