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Summer Series Results from Pt England & Tamaki
November 16, 1999

Results from courses: One   Two   Three   Four

Yet another lovely fine evening - how long can we be lucky? Do hope you all enjoyed a wee explore of our side of town. For those of you who travelled a bit of a distance to get there, thank you. We enjoyed being able to be home within a couple of minutes of finishing collecting controls. The challenge for course one and two this time seemed to be coping with the change of scale when you got back onto the coloured map - a few detours were had! Sorry to those course 2 people who did not see the notices on the tables showing the fact that you could cross the river at its mouth. Unfortunately the wind kept flattening our notice boards so we put the notices on the tables instead where they were missed by some.

Lovely to once again have some newcomers - it was great to have you there tonight and we look forward to your return. A great effort by the bunch of helpers from Glendowie Primary who in their first ever effort were fastest on course three. Hope to see you orienteering again some time in the future. Great also to have so many overseas visitors joining us. We hope you enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

Sorry to see one of our competitors returning rather worse for wear after a slide on the mud flats. We do hope that after a wash down and a nights sleep you are fully recovered by the morning Peter.

Many thanks to Mark Lawson who helps us wonderfully by collecting all the most distant controls. He should be tired after his run but he saves the organisers much time by being prepared to go to all those awkward places twice and then drive home to somewhere near Whangaparaoa. Thanks Mark.

Next week sees us on the Carrington map, with entry through gate 3 off Carrington Rd.. Remember it is on the Wednesday night for the next two weeks. If you haven't run on this map before, come and give it a go. It is quite different from any we have had so far this season, involving a maze of buildings which can be surprisingly confusing, as well as a pleasant river bush strip. The following week (1 December) is at Self's Farm, Tidal Rd Papatoetoe. Do remember to keep encouraging your friends to come and give orienteering a go too. We would love to see the numbers continuing to swell as the season progresses.

There is a note at the end of the results about the training day this Sunday - the 21st. This has been planned especially for those competing in the World Master Champs to be held near Bulls in January next year but everyone is welcome to attend - club member or not. For those new or newish to orienteering try the white or yellow course - it should be about right. You shouldn't need a compass for these two courses but if you try anything harder please bring a compass.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon

Joanna and Alistair Stewart
Ph 5755695

Course 1         9.8 kms
   1 Mark Lawson               0:51:08 
   2 Adrian Skinner            0:58:47 
   3 Alistair Cory-Wright      0:59:14 
   4 Dave Crofts               1:00:32 
   5 Rudy Hlawatsch            1:03:58 
   6 Douglas Kwan              1:08:55 
   7 Graeme Hattie             1:14:20 
   8 Mike Ashmore              1:21:24 
   9 Wallace Bottomley         1:29:10 
  10 Tony Cooper               1:35:13 

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Course 2         4.8 kms

   1 Morten Pedersen           0:28:20 
   2 Gordon Ross               0:31:10 
   3 Andrew Bell               0:31:30 
   4 Stig Berge                0:33:00 
   5 Allan Janes               0:34:48 
   6 Tom Frentz                0:35:00 
   7 Jonathan Fraser           0:35:00 
   8 M Crozier                 0:35:07 
   9 Brian Johnston            0:37:28 
  10 Miri Jorgensen            0:38:43 
  11 Jeff Greenwood            0:39:18 
  12 Scott Vennell             0:39:49 
  13 Russell Howard            0:40:01 
  14 Jamie Monro               0:40:39 
  15 Steve Schroeder           0:41:46 
  16 Craig Pearce              0:41:49 
  17 Tim Renton                0:42:18 
  18 Katharina Berge           0:42:50 
  19 Anonomous                 0:44:09 
  20 Andrew Dare               0:44:15 
  21 Daniel Martin             0:44:26 
  22 Fliss Anderson            0:45:20 
  23 Fiona Monks               0:45:20 
  24 Katherine Bolt            0:45:31 
  25 Clive Bolt                0:45:39 
  26 Marion Woodcock           0:50:00 
  27 Hilary Weeks              0:51:10 
  28 Joep Smeele               0:53:38 
  29 Philip Muller             0:56:50 
  30 Lisa Brooks               0:57:00 
  31 Bridget Leonard           0:57:00 
  32 Eric Howe                 0:57:26 
  33 K Jose                    0:58:26 
  34 Bruce Curtu               1:03:21 
  35 Cate Wilson               1:03:21 
  36 Ben Smeele                1:04:00 
  37 John Taberner             1:07:20 
  38 Rob Scott (Walking       
     Wounded!!)                1:13:27 
  39 Peter Wakeman             1:13:30 
  40 Rosemary Wakeman          1:13:30 
  41 Gary Stanley              1:15:18 
  42 Matthew Howard            1:15:18 
  43 Ken Green                 1:22:00 
  44 Nicola Kinzett            1:25:35 
  45 Malcolm & Hazel           1:38:35 
  46 Helen Bolt                1:40:02 
  47 Bert Chapman (helped     
     the wounded)              DNF     
  48 Peter Godfrey (the       
     wounded)                  Retired 

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Course 3         2.4 kms

   1 Jay, Kurt, Riki, Troy &  
     Airana                    0:17:00 
   2 Mark Gomes                0:19:56 
   3 Lorraine Williams         0:20:55 
   4 Lou Parkin & Mike        
     Bradshaw                  0:22:37 
   5 L & P Ashmore             0:23:58 
   6 Leah Teeboon              0:26:11 
   7 Steve Venables            0:26:15 
   8 Keryn & Lisa              0:26:20 
   9 Tony Hinson               0:26:49 
  10 Bruce Hinson              0:27:09 
  11 Antoine Deane             0:27:10 
  12 Dobs                      0:27:50 
  13 Moz, Cindy and Bruce      0:28:00 
  14 Philip R                  0:32:28 
  15 Edwina Goodale            0:34:00 
  16 Kerry Hoggins             0:34:00 
  17 Steadl Spagedl            0:34:00 
  18 Luka Dog                  0:34:36 
  19 Janet Oswald              0:35:00 
  20 Karyn & Dianna            0:37:00 
  21 R Bennett                 0:37:29 
  22 Charlie Wood              0:37:37 
  23 Connie Bell               0:38:30 
  24 JE Lambert                0:45:50 
  25 Richard Williams          0:47:22 
  26 Chris Frentz              0:47:54 
  27 Jon & Kathy Turner        1:08:52 
  28 Jean - Cubs               Fast    
  29 Nepia - Cubs              Fast    
  30 GI Cub Group              Fast    
  31 D Knap - Cubs             Fast    
  32 Toni Lee - Cubs           Fast    
  33 Tearoha - Cubs            Fast    

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Course 4         1.6 kms

   1 Daniel Martin             0:09:12 
   2 Brian Johnston            0:09:32 
   3 Lavinia                   0:15:32 
   4 Philip Muller             0:16:10 
   5 Katie Hirst               0:16:30 
   6 Jenny Bristow             0:24:00 
   7 Emma Webb                 0:24:00 
   8 Marion Gawith             0:24:00 
   9 Sally Holt                0:24:00 
  10 Nick Frentz               0:26:00 
  11 Victoria & Catherine      0:37:56 
  12 Callum & Mum              0:46:15 

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Mapsport ad

Dune Training This Weekend Sunday 21st November 1999.

NB Restricted Start Times! Gate open 09:00-13:00 or thereabouts.

Auckland OC presents an opportunity to train for WMOC in superb dune terrain.

Courses are high standard, starts 10:00-11:30, three Red, one each of Orange, Yellow and White courses. A few control sites are reused from recent events.

Deak's Head, approach via Rimmer Road (turn left from SH16 just before Helensville- coming from Auckland) and Inland Road. Be prepared to pay $5 per car at the Otakanini Topu gate, but we have dispensation to leave the second gate open this time.

Controller Mark Roberts, Setters Sarah Pilgrim and Tim Wright.

$5 for seniors and $4 for juniors. The Auckland Club usually avoids charging for training events but this is a colour laser map (we have to pay for them) and we have to pay the forest fee. Sorry!

Note that this is a training event so: no control codes, no clipcards, no Start and Finish, no results (well maybe), no allocated times, no recommended grades, no signs, no hanging about afterwards. We will dig a dunny if you are lucky ;^)

There will however be conventional courses which you can run competitively.