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Summer Series Results from Self's Farm
February 21, 2001

Results from courses: One   Two   Three   Four

Unfortunately most of you had gone home by the time the sun set. It was spectacularly beautiful. The sun formed a bright orange globe in the sky, very dramatic. A great end to a very good evening. We hope you enjoyed orienteering on a map that is a bit unusual for the Summer Series. This year even the cattle found it too hot to put on a show.

Thank you very much to Mr John Self for the use of his farm. We are very grateful for his kindnesses to orienteering. Also thank you to the orienteers who arrived early today and helped with the setting up of the event. Your help was very much appreciated. The other clubs are stacking up a fair few browny points for help at their events from Auckland club members this year!

Thinking ahead a bit, as the Summer Series finishes we move into forest and farm orienteering events. A new innovation is planned for a couple of events in March/April that some of you new to orienteering might like to have a go at. At the events on 4th and 18th of March there will be a ‘harriers’ course available. This course will be of harrier type distance but with controls that are much more readily found than they would be on an orienteering course of equivalent length. Don’t despair if you are not a harrier either, there are suitable courses for you. These new courses just fill in a gap, now there is a course that will suit everyone. So how about joining us in our shift away from park orienteering. There will always be someone very happy to help you. Give it a go.

Next week there is some training for those new to orienteering. Darren Ashmore is running a session for those new or fairly new to the sport. No registration required. Just come along and be ready to learn from Darren at 5:30pm. This will be especially beneficial for those planning to move to the forest orienteering at the end of the Summer Series.

Remember, this Saturday night (the 24th) - the night score event in Woodhill Forest. Enter at the Forest Headquarters, a few kilometres beyond Waimauku on State Highway 16 (the road to Helensville). Everyone is welcome. Two start times for this score event; 6:45 and 8:30pm. Compete in full body cover as there will certainly be some cutty grass to go through. Don't forget a torch or headlamp. Camping is available and everyone is encouraged to stay the night; toilets and showers available. BYO food and refreshments. For further information please ring Bert Chapman on (09) 846 5083.

On Sunday the 25th there is a training session for the national squad members on the Pot Luck map being run by the coach of the national squad, John Robinson, and all O Club members are invited. Please meet 11am. Enjoy the night score event, camp the night and have a high level training session the next morning. “O heaven”. You must let Robbie know you wish to attend. Phone/fax on 837 4610 or email at .

The entry form for the rogaine to be held on March 24 has just become available. It is now available at all the upcoming summer series events and also on the Auckland O Club web page.

Club members, on Wednesday the 21st of March (a month from now) there is an evening classroom training session on route choice. This will be lead by Darren Ashmore and will be great preparation for the Nationals at Easter. More details over the next few weeks.

Some more orienteering:
COUNTIES MANUKAU Orienteering Promotional Events:
22 Feb Totara Park, Carpark, Manurewa
28 Feb Doctors Hill, Totara Ave, Pukekohe
7 Mar Mountford Park, Weymouth Rd, Manurewa
14 Mar Kirks Bush, Beach Rd, Papakura
21 Mar Bedisloe Park, Queen St, Pukekohe.
Fee of $2 with a family maximum of $5. For further information ring Bob Hattie 299 6394 or John Robinson 837 4610.

The night relays in Taupo are getting closer. The Clubs must have their entries in by this weekend. If any Auckland Club member would like to go please contact the Stewarts (Alistair or Joanna) on 575 5695 at home or 3737 599 x6362 or x6362 at work or email us at Members of other clubs please ring your contact person immediately. This is a fun event so give it a go. All levels of ability are catered for, right from the novice to the expert.

Next week we change to the THURSDAY evenings where we stay to the end of the season. The event is in Auckland Domain and is on the 1st of March. We will be meeting and starting near the band rotunda. This is the first of the secondary schools events so there will be lots of people around. There will be plenty of maps so come along and enjoy the evening. This is the third to last of the Summer Series for this season so to take advantage of the free Summer Series runs for new Club members you need to get in smartly. We’d love to have you join us.

Course 1         7.3 kms
   1 Mark Lawson               0:43:21                 
   2 Neil Kerrison             0:44:52                 
   3 Brent Edwards             0:45:40                 
   4 Patrick Denzler           0:46:05                 
   5 Dave Crofts               0:49:48                 
   6 David Stewart             0:49:51                 
   7 Shaun Collins             0:53:45                 
   8 Rudy Hlawatsch            0:57:00                 
   9 Alan Janes                0:58:57                 
  10 Stuart                    0:59:10                 
  11 Anne Windevall            1:01:01                 
  12 Phil White                1:07:40                 
  13 Allan Browne              1:12:04                 
  14 Martin Barber             1:14:27                 
  15 Tony Cooper               1:15:40                 
  16 Nicholas Oram             1:16:00                 

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Course 2         4.6 kms

   1 Geoff Mead                0:32:05                 
   2 Jeff Greenwood            0:33:56                 
   3 Dave Middleton            0:35:59                 
   4 Lisa Mead                 0:36:22                 
   5 Martin Peat               0:37:53                 
   6 Mark Hodgson              0:38:12                 
   7 Rob Crawford              0:39:02                 
   8 Stan Foster               0:39:17                 
   9 Tim Renton                0:39:28                 
  10 Richard Hodder            0:40:01                 
  11 Norm Jager                0:40:54                 
  12 Mark Roberts              0:41:23                 
  13 Jamie Munro               0:42:08                 
  14 Ian Sydenham              0:43:29                 
  15 Natalie Rouse             0:43:55                 
  16 M Currie                  0:44:00                 
  17 Daniel Donaldson          0:44:43                 
  18 Simon Wakeman             0:45:40                 
  19 Alan Verry                0:46:00                 
  20 C Tate                    0:47:00                 
  21 Steven Green              0:48:30                 
  22 Ineke Currie              0:48:40                 
  23 John & Suzanne            0:50:47                 
  24 Tom Soo                   0:52:00                 
  25 Doesjka Currie            0:54:18                 
  26 Clive Bolt                0:54:43                 
  27 Bert Chapman              0:56:49                 
  28 P & R Wakeman             1:04:10                 
  29 Anne Humphrey             1:04:33                 
  30 Karyn & Trevor            1:07:00                 
  31 Wayne Munro               1:07:45                 
  32 P Barber                  1:16:12                 
  33 R Bennett                 1:16:35                 
  34 Eric & Maranne            1:27:00                 

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Course 3         3.1 kms

   1 Jane Adams                0:28:48                 
   2 Keith Adams               0:31:00                 
   3 Thomas Goodman            0:33:43                 
   4 D Street                  0:34:00                 
   5 Michael Yager             0:34:20                 
   6 Beth Armstrong            0:35:00                 
   7 Russell Howard            0:35:15                 
   8 JAF Recordan              0:36:00                 
   9 Dominic Scheirlinck       0:36:44                 
  10 Andrew Young              0:37:37                 
  11 Malvina Wise              0:39:17                 
  12 Rae Fern                  0:39:47                 
  13 Daniel Lynch              0:41:00                 
  14 Simon Katterns            0:42:00                 
  15 Anon                      0:42:00                 
  16 Nick Mead                 0:43:32                 
  17 Catherine Price           0:44:00                 
  18 Chris Jager               0:44:32                 
  19 Graeme Green              0:44:51                 
  20 Lindsay Best              0:50:00                 
  21 Gareth (Eric!!) Jenkin    0:50:00                 
  22 J Andrew & R McGinty      0:54:00                 
  23 Tracey Hunter             0:57:01                 
  24 Chris Taylor              0:57:28                 
  25 Marion Naish              0:57:28                 
  26 Jane Harsant              0:57:28                 
  27 Phillip Pourewa           0:58:28                 
  28 Monique Pourewa           0:58:28                 
  29 Adam King                 1:05:00                 
  30 Scott                     1:08:32                 
  31 Christopher Baker         1:11:00                 
  32 Tate Watson               1:11:00                 
  33 Lois                      1:13:00                 
  34 Mary                      1:13:00                 

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Course 4         2.1 kms

   1 Michael Piper (Puhinui   
     Scouts)                   0:20:00                 
   2 Nick Budd                 0:21:32                 
   3 Terry Bae                 0:22:24                 
   4 Jonathan Mafi             0:23:56                 
   5 Ben Trengrove             0:25:20                 
   6 Hassan Jamati             0:26:45                 
   7 Alex McCormack            0:27:10                 
   8 Hami Hon's                0:27:36                 
   9 Stephen Long              0:31:00                 
  10 Anthony Schomaker        
     (Puhinui Scouts)          0:41:00                 
  11 Paul Oliver               0:42:00                 
  12 Moeance (Puhinui Scouts)  0:42:00                 
  13 Lydia Shaw                0:45:37                 
  14 Sophie Renton             0:45:37                 
  15 Elyse & Gene Williams     0:46:40                 
  16 Anastacia (Puhinui       
     Scouts)                   0:50:00                 
  17 Jordan (Puhunui Scouts)   0:50:00                 
  18 Alex Bennett              1:00:00                 

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