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Summer Series Results from Churchill Park
November 21, 2001
Results from courses: One  Two  Three  Four

Well, which one of you is the jinx?? This is the 4th year we have been involved in organising the summer series and I think, before 2 weeks ago we had only had 3 wet events. It can’t be us! Actually one of the optimists amongst you assured me things are improving – 2 weeks ago the skies opened, 1 week ago we had intermittent heavy rain and this week it was just the odd shower (if you ignore the wind). Weather forecast for the next 3 weeks – overcast, partly cloudy, a beautiful balmy night.

Thanks to all for showing up tonight. It is great to see many people travelling long distances to take part. It really makes the work worthwhile. Welcome to all the new comers – do hope you enjoyed your evening and we look forward to seeing you back again soon.

Apologies to those on course 2 who were out early when their first control out of the park was misplaced – we were kindly helped out with the control placement but I didn’t talk clearly enough when I described where the control was to go – track end was misheard for track bend. Sorry if it caused frustration.

Have you ever met such relaxed cows, calves and bulls? They don’t move an inch as you run by, even when you have a dog with you. Most actually enjoy a head rub too, but probably most of you didn’t spare the time to try, especially not the elites who had moved from their 12 minute sprints in the park races to course 1 tonight. At least Phil took the beach option round the cliffs -more for the fun than the speed I suspect. – Thanks for doing so Phil – I hoped someone would.

Thank you to the Auckland Club members who are helping us each evening, the events this year are proving to be much easier to organise than they have been previously. Also thanks to those who help us collect controls, it is just great to not have to spend too much time hunting for them in the dark. Especial thanks this week to Mark, after running course 1, ran all the way back to the far parts of the street map to collect controls, then deliver them to our house and then go back to the Park for his vehicle. We’ll have to put a control by the pizza place next time so that we can get free delivery??

Next week we are again on Wednesday, at One Tree Hill, starting from the archery club car park in Twin Oak Drive. There are several BBQs on the grass just along from the start-finish. There were great smells coming from there last night as we were checking control sites. How about getting organised and bringing along food for a BBQ after you finish. – You could bring us a sausage as we are packing up!!!

Club members, please note that there is a mistake in the programme in and Auckland magazine for the event on the first week of December – it is listed as being on  Tuesday 4th December but is very definitely on THURDSAY 6th DECEMBER. Please change it now so you don’t arrive 2 days too early.

Counties Manukau Orienteering Club fun day.

Where:  Awhitu Peninsula
When: 1st Dec
Who: Suitable for all orienteers including beginners.
What: Three maps and a range of courses.
Cost: $5.00
The event will be sign posted from Waiuku. To run the first map be there by 10.30a.m. Second map 1.00pm and the third 3.30. The third map and evening events will be at Awhitu Regional Park. At 6.00 pm the club will hold its AGM and this will be followed by a BYO barbecue. Camping is available and the options for Sunday –swimming, golf, socializing etc are up to you. Please let Hilary Iles know if you are planning to come so we know how many maps to print and for camping bookings. Tel 2352941.

Course 1         9.1 kms 
   1 David Stewart             0:52:47                    
   2 Darren Ashmore            0:53:00                    
   3 Mark Lawson               0:56:18                    
   4 Brent Edwards             0:57:35                    
   5 Phil Wood                 0:58:53                    
   6 Dougal Harding            1:03:11                    
   7 Stuart Lynch              1:05:15                    
   8 Rudy Hlawatsch            1:06:33                    
   9 Fraser Mills              1:12:44                    
  10 Rebecca Smith             1:13:35                    
  11 Tim Renton                1:15:00                    
  12 Adrian Skinner            1:17:56                    
  13 Nicholas Rahui Webster   
     Romer                     1:17:56                 
  14 Neil Kerrison             1:20:08                    
  15 Phil White                1:21:00                    
  16 Anne Mortimer             1:27:00                    
  17 Nic Oram                  1:38:10                    
  18 Tony Cooper               DNF                        
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Course 2         5.9 kms 

   1 Jeff Greenwood            0:47:59                    
   2 Martin Peat               0:49:00                    
   3 Ian Sydenham              0:50:47                    
   4 Pete Swanson              0:51:30                    
   5 Mike Beveridge            0:55:02                    
   6 Terje Moen                0:55:22                    
   7 Craig White               0:56:00                    
   8 Monika Faessler           0:56:05                    
   9 Brian Johnston            0:57:07                    
  10 Jamie Munro               0:58:19                    
  11 Craig Pearce              0:59:36                    
  12 Alan Verry                0:59:38                    
  13 Natalie Rouse             0:59:39                    
  14 David & Phil Creagh       1:00:59                    
  15 Christina Renhart         1:01:56                    
  16 Peter Godfrey             1:02:12                    
  17 Nicola Kinzett            1:04:46                    
  18 Norm Jager                1:04:49                    
  19 Simon Jager               1:05:19                    
  20 Jill Dalton               1:06:42                    
  21 John Murphy               1:08:40                    
  22 V Smirnov                 1:08:43                    
  23 Lyn Stanton               1:10:28                    
  24 Mark Kelleher             1:12:00                    
  25 Sarah Painter             1:15:57                    
  26 Quentin                   1:15:59                    
  27 I & D                     1:21:00                    
  28 Melvina Wise              1:24:40                    
  29 Anne Humphrey             1:28:00                    
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Course 3         2.8 kms 

   1 Allan Janes               0:21:27                    
   2 Keith Adams               0:33:52                    
   3 Russell Howard            0:34:09                    
   4 Jane Adams                0:34:28                    
   5 Paul & Michelle Kemp      0:34:30                    
   6 Daniel Street             0:36:20                    
   7 Rich & Tash               0:36:46                    
   8 Hamilton Family           0:37:23                    
   9 Michael Jager             0:37:51                    
  10 Bruce & Moz               0:39:26                    
  11 Chris Jager               0:39:58                    
  12 D Bliss                   0:42:00                    
  13 Jo Rabbitt & Sarah Thomas 0:42:00                    
  14 P & R Wakeman             0:44:05                    
  15 Tom Clendon               0:47:13                    
  16 Rosie Hewlett             0:48:08                    
  17 Andrew & Graham           0:50:00                    
  18 Alison Batty              0:51:11                    
  19 Katie Creagh              0:52:13                    
  20 D O'Shea                  0:55:04                    
  21 Karyn & Trev              0:55:48                    
  22 Pickles                   0:57:31                    
  23 Gay Ambler                0:59:00                    
  24 Gareth Jenkin             1:04:00                    
  25 Anon                      1:06:00                    
  26 Anon                      1:06:15                    
  27 Nikita Mahe               1:07:00                    
  28 Sandy McGivern            1:15:55                    
  29 D Tate & S Erenstram      1:19:16                    
  30 Jenny Andrew              1:23:00                    
  31 Alex Milhaljevich &      
     Chris Bishop              1:40:00                 
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Course 4         1.8 kms 

   1 Robyn Howard              0:29:03                    
   2 Smirnova Alina            0:31:00                    
   3 Smirnova Kate             0:33:24                    
   4 Smirnova Iryna            0:33:50                    
   5 Gene Beveridge            0:41:00                    
   6 Jane Sydenham             0:44:00                    
   7 Margaret Sydenham         0:44:00                    
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