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Summer Series Results from Carrington
January 23, 2001
Results from courses: One  Two  Three  Four

Happy New Year

What a great way to start Summer Series orienteering for the new year, a perfect night for orienteering and then sitting round discussing where you went, both on the map and at Christmas.

Welcome to all the newcomers. There were lots of you tonight and we are a little concerned we were too busy to give you all the attention you wanted. If you missed out or got a rushed description for what to do we sincerely apologise. We will endeavour to have more help available next week so do please ask at the campermatic if you would like to talk to someone.

Thank you to Mervyn Paitry who set the courses for tonight. The map for this evening was undergoing a metamorphosis right up to the weekend before and so it was not an easy task. Mervyn overheard and enjoyed the statement "I outsmarted myself" from an orienteer who messed up an easy control.

This is the 1st announcement of a night O event to be held in the Woodhill Forest on February 24th. Keep this date free and come along for some great fun. There are opportunities for all levels of experience. Camping is available at $5pp so stay the night and enjoy the fun. Toilets, showers and gas BBQ on site. BYO food and refreshments. The gate in will be opened at 5pm and there will be starts at 6:30pm and 8:30pm. This will be score event with 24 controls, some easy, some medium and some hard. A score event has all the controls on the map and you visit as many as you can in a set time period. For further information contact Bert Chapman on (09) 846 5083. This and more information as it comes to hand will appear on the Auckland O club web page . There is the big night relays in Taupo on the 10th of March for club members and so this will help with the preparation!!

Another event for your sporting calendar.

The inaugural Auckland 6-hour Rogaine is to be held at Wairamarama in the Port Waikato area on Saturday 24 March 2001, commencing from 12.00pm. The Wairamarama Rogaine will be the first Rogaine to be held in the Auckland region.  The Rogaine area will primarily consist of very interesting rolling limestone farmland, interspersed with pockets of native bush and a larger area of pine forest.  For the really keen a 12-hour option will be offered, although the emphasis will be on "giving-it-a go" in the main 6-hour event.  An after-event meal will be provided to all participants.
Entry Forms for the Wairamarama Rogaine will be circulated from late January.  For further information visit the New Zealand Rogaining Web Page at  or contact the event organiser at More information will be on the Auckland Club web page too.

Next weeks event is on Tuesday the 30th (NOTE this is the day after anniversary day and so will seem to come round very quickly). The event is on two new maps, Ellerslie Racecourse and one of the streets and parks to the east of Ellerslie. We'll be starting in the area by the race course where the car fair is held each week. This is accessed from Greenlane East Rd and then turn off behind the Ascot Hospital and Hotel at the traffic lights. Follow on to the end of the road and you'll see us from there.

Did you notice the SPECIALS notice. For non O club members there is a really good deal on offer if you have been contemplating joining some time in the future. Join the Auckland O Club and get the rest of the Summer Series free. To join the club the fees are $60 for a senior, $40 for a junior (U21) or full-time student and $85 for a family. With 7 summer series events left at a cost of $35 you are getting more than a 50% saving. Think about joining and you'll have lots of Oing opportunities throughout the rest of the year.   The other special available is the half season concession ticket. This gives the 8 post Christmas events for the price of 6. If you still want to take this up we'll take your map payment this week as part of the price.

We still have a few of the Katie Fettes calendars available. These cost $20 and give you an O picture every month. Buying one of these also helps our top orienteers in the pursuit of their chosen sport.

Lost property: a watch and a pair of sun glasses were left at the event. If either of these are yours please let us know and we'll sort out some way to return them. Joanna and Alistair Stewart can be got at 3737599 x6362 during the day or 5755695 in the evening (if we're not out preparing for the next event!).

Have a great weekend all those who are going to New Plymouth for the Turkey Trot and the Taranaki Traverse. For those new to the sport the first is an ordinary event held on the typical gully/spur farmland terrain of the area and the second is a loooong O (using 3 to 5 maps) starting out in the country on the foothills of Mount Taranaki and, by going from map to map, moving into town and through to the finish at the beach.

Also good luck to those doing the Point to Point event as part of the Auckland Regatta next Monday. Hope at least the orienteering parts go really well.

Course 1         6.2 kms 
   1 Brent Edwards             0:38:49                 
   2 Rob Jessop                0:39:37                 
   3 Fraser Mills              0:42:00                 
   4 Mark Lawson               0:43:10                 
   5 Neil Kerrison             0:43:54                 
   6 Adrian Skinner            0:49:32                 
   7 Dave Crofts               0:49:44                 
   8 Jeff Greenwood            0:50:34                 
   9 Rudy Halwatsch            0:54:12                 
  10 Stan Foster               0:57:49                 
  11 Allan Janes               0:57:52                 
  12 Mike Marra                0:59:45                 
  13 Dougal Harding            1:03:34                 
  14 Jamie Munro               1:05:51                 
  15 Quintin Meads             1:06:27                 
  16 Brian Johnston            1:07:27                 
  17 Mike Beveridge            1:09:32                 
  18 Jonathan Fraser           1:10:48                 
  19 Juliane Gnau              1:15:00                 
  20 Martin Barber             1:16:00                 
  21 Daniel Martin             1:16:00                 
  22 Tony Cooper               1:18:23                 
  23 Roel Michels              1:19:24                 
  24 Peter Godfrey             1:20:37                 
  25 Graeme Gibb               1:28:00                 
  26 Christina Renhart & Tom  
     Kruger                    1:34:00                 
Up to the Top

Course 2         3.9 kms 

   1 Norm Jager                0:39:05                 
   2 Mark Roberts              0:39:14                 
   3 Paul Gilkison             0:41:16                 
   4 Jim Davidson              0:42:45                 
   5 Phillippa Poole           0:43:46                 
   6 Antoinette Fotherby       0:44:40                 
   7 Ian Sydenham              0:45:25                 
   8 Alan Verry                0:45:30                 
   9 Patrick Murphy            0:45:36                 
  10 Russell Williams          0:45:48                 
  11 Phil White                0:48:31                 
  12 Simon Jager               0:50:02                 
  13 Steve Fotherby            0:50:02                 
  14 Allen Browne              0:50:30                 
  15 Keith Adams               0:54:20                 
  16 Penny Brothers            0:54:28                 
  17 Peter West                0:54:38                 
  18 John Scott & Susanne     
     Dudding                   0:55:00                 
  19 Tord Kjellstrom           0:55:10                 
  20 Richard Kestle            0:57:00                 
  21 Jonathan Beguely          0:57:00                 
  22 Sarah Beaumont            0:58:53                 
  23 L Hornell                 0:59:07                 
  24 Nicola Kinzett            1:06:21                 
  25 Jane Adams                1:06:50                 
  26 Peter Wakeman             1:09:17                 
  27 R Wakeman                 1:11:48                 
  28 Damian Douglas            1:13:00                 
  29 Peeters Family            1:16:37                 
  30 Chris Jager               1:17:00                 
  31 Mo Fitzpatrick            1:17:00                 
  32 Bert Chapman              1:18:59                 
  33 Mike Baston               1:20:15                 
  34 Alison Comer              1:21:08                 
  35 Asta & Paula              1:22:00                 
  36 R Bennett                 1:26:00                 
  37 Catherine                 1:26:25                 
  38 Phillip Barber            1:33:25                 
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Course 3         2.5 kms 

   1 Natalie Rouse             0:18:00                 
   2 Phil White                0:20:26                 
   3 Lyn Stanton               0:20:57                 
   4 Anon                      0:21:50                 
   5 Lorna Brant & MJ Parkin   0:22:00                 
   6 Rob Scott                 0:22:44                 
   7 Nigel & Marie             0:23:51                 
   8 Leah Teeboon & Steve     
     Venables                  0:24:10                 
   9 Sebastian Olsen           0:24:33                 
  10 D&S O'Shea                0:25:00                 
  11 Ray Palmer                0:25:23                 
  12 Jonathan Henry            0:28:30                 
  13 Melvina Wise              0:30:00                 
  14 B Hamilton                0:30:38                 
  15 Michael Jager             0:30:53                 
  16 Ben Johnson               0:31:25                 
  17 Kelly O'Donnell           0:31:25                 
  18 Lisa Brooks               0:32:00                 
  19 Adele Forster             0:32:35                 
  20 L Williams                0:32:39                 
  21 Ray Fern                  0:34:30                 
  22 Debs Beveridge            0:35:00                 
  23 J&C Chapman               0:36:00                 
  24 Raewyn Smith              0:36:00                 
  25 Debi Pyle                 0:37:24                 
  26 Kieran O'Donnell          0:38:15                 
  27 Natasha Cooper & Lisa    
     Slako                     0:38:35                 
  28 Graeme Green              0:39:14                 
  29 Munro/Mahe Family         0:40:15                 
  30 Jackie Harsant            0:42:54                 
  31 Marion Taylor             0:42:54                 
  32 Chris Taylor              0:42:54                 
  33 Andrea Gilkison           0:44:00                 
  34 Ceejay                    0:52:00                 
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Course 4         1.4 kms 

   1 Melanie Horne             0:11:00                 
   2 Sarah Gilkison            0:11:13                 
   3 Phoebe Borwick            0:11:31                 
   4 Alex Borwick              0:11:40                 
   5 Angela & Heather Davidson 0:12:15                 
   6 Ray Palmer                0:12:42                 
   7 John Monck                0:14:00                 
   8 H Palmer                  0:16:54                 
   9 Raewyn Smith              0:22:00                 
  10 Anne Taylor               0:23:00                 
  11 Alex Bennett              0:24:55                 
  12 Renee Beveridge           0:28:00                 
  13 Tom Williams              0:28:00                 
  14 Alex Bennett              0:30:15                 
  15 McLeay                    0:36:00                 
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