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Summer Series Results from Mangere Mountain
January 29, 2002
Results from courses: One  Two  Three  Four

If pre Christmas you were all making sure that you planned your washing days for non orienteering days, this year you are going to need to change your philosophy! Another beautiful evening, culminating in a lovely sunset and great full moon. The sunset from the top of the hill is just wonderful – the normally ‘golf ball’ sized sun grew to ‘basketball’ size as it set in a crimson glory, silhouetting the fantastic hills of the Manukau Heads.

Some of you just may have been a little on the tired side to appreciate it. Simon Jager (age 12) set course 1 and 2 with very challenging but well constructed courses. He was slightly crest fallen when we told him we had softened them slightly because we thought one or two legs just a bit too physically demanding, so I don’t think he will have felt anything but satisfaction as he saw you all returning looking somewhat hot and bothered. He certainly did not set anything that he would not be prepared to tackle himself – watch out all you elite orienteers – it won’t be long before he is challenging you!  Michael Jager produced equally well constructed courses for course 3 and 4. Knowing how lovely it is on the top of the mountain he managed to work course 3 folk up to the great views meaning some quite challenging orienteering, but I know you all appreciated it. Thanks very much to the whole Jager family. We really appreciate the work they put into tonight’s event, coming out with us last week to speed up our control checking, helping with control placement and collection tonight, to say nothing of the wonderful pizzas which they brought along to share with us at the end of the event – just wonderful!!

There were a few folks tonight who returned commenting that they had trouble in an area with new tracks. We had put up three maps with map corrections on them. Please do look at the notice boards for any notes or maps we display. The city parks change very frequently and so things like tracks, trees, fences etc can sometimes not be perfect on the map. We do, however, try to note anything which could cause you a problem.
Those of you who have been to the events this year will have seen some signs up with a special offer for any non club members who are thinking of joining the Auckland Orienteering club. If you do so now you may run free at the remaining summer series events. Should you have already purchased a season ticket and now plan to join the club, come and talk to us and we will come to some arrangement. There are sheets on the display stand to persuade you of the advantages of joining the club if you think you would like to continue orienteering – non members are always welcome at all events but we believe that you will get more enjoyment from it if you join the club and take advantage of the coaching, social aspects etc.
Next week, Tuesday, 5th February, we are at Mt Richmond, entering off Great South Rd. Mt Richmond is a mini Mangere Mountain but not as steep or high! The longer courses will venture to Hamlin Hill as well. There will be a Park race for those wanting a short sharp sprint. The biddy bids are known to be very numerous so wear this weeks socks (with the biddy bids already in place) or a pair that you can discard!!
The next two Counties Manukau summer series events are this Thursday, 31st January at Capehill, Pukekohe and Thursday, 7th February, Rooseville Park, Pukekohe. Hamilton is also running a series to which everyone is welcome, so should you be going down that way then note these dates in your diary. – Wed, 30 Jan, Minogue Park, Wed 6th Feb Donny Park, Wed 13th Feb Sandford Park, Wed 20th Feb Hamilton Lake, Wed 27th Feb University.

I wish I knew how to put an unhappy face in this email. Have spent too much of the evening watching the cricket!

Course 1         8.6 kms 
   1 Rob Jessop                1:04:41                    
   2 Mark Lawson               1:09:35                    
   3 Shaun Collins             1:10:37                    
   4 Neil Kerrison             1:16:34                    
   5 Jeff Greenwood            1:17:23                    
   6 Guy Cory-Wright           1:22:23                    
   7 Dave Crofts               1:26:12                    
   8 Madeleine Collins         1:43:15                    
   9 Natalie Rouse             1:46:30                    
  10 Craig Pearce              1:55:59                    
  11 Tim Renton                1:57:12                    
  12 Malcolm Gawn              2:14:52                    
  13 Rudy Hlawatsch            DNF                        
  14 Tony Cooper               DNF                        
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Course 2         4.0 kms 

   1 David Stewart             0:34:05                    
   2 Pete Swanson              0:44:30                    
   3 Michelle Nash             0:47:36                    
   4 Terje Moen                0:50:44                    
   5 Phil White                0:50:46                    
   6 Mark Little               0:51:00                    
   7 Andrew Cross              0:52:00                    
   8 Alan Janes                0:52:11                    
   9 Richard Kestle            0:52:33                    
  10 Brian Johnston            0:55:11                    
  11 Patrick Murphy            0:56:30                    
  12 Steve P                   0:56:37                    
  13 Russell Williams          0:57:54                    
  14 Craig Miller              0:58:15                    
  15 Alan Verry                0:59:10                    
  16 Lise Moen                 1:00:02                    
  17 Ben Balmforth             1:03:30                    
  18 Ian Sydenham              1:05:08                    
  19 Mike Beveridge            1:07:29                    
  20 Jill Dalton               1:11:35                    
  21 Alex Weir                 1:17:00                    
  22 Steve Fotherby            1:17:21                    
  23 John & Suzanne            1:18:28                    
  24 P & R Wakeman             1:23:10                    
  25 Alison Comer              1:23:17                    
  26 Bert Chapman              1:23:41                    
  27 Doug O'Shea               1:25:30                    
  28 Kathy Farquhar            1:27:49                    
  29 Nicola Kinzett            1:29:01                    
  30 G Brown                   1:32:05                    
  31 Rowan & Vanessa Cammell   1:33:00                    
  32 Nick Moore                1:35:00                    
  33 Catherine Price           1:35:53                    
  34 Melvina Wise              1:38:20                    
  35 Carol Diamond             1:38:30                    
  36 James Jelicich            2:06:33                    
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Course 3         2.0 kms 

   1 Mark R                    0:19:38                    
   2 Phil White                0:19:56                    
   3 Natasha Kestle            0:24:59                    
   4 Tom Sors                  0:30:00                    
   5 D Greenwood               0:30:55                    
   6 Phillip Barber            0:33:07                    
   7 D Street                  0:35:16                    
   8 Rod & Penny Kestle        0:35:35                    
   9 Rosie Hewlett             0:35:40                    
  10 Gay Ambler                0:38:00                    
  11 Iryna Smirnova            0:38:13                    
  12 Brian & Trish Jenkins     0:39:15                    
  13 Lab Rats                  0:42:55                    
  14 Kalem Weir                0:43:00                    
  15 R Bennett                 0:43:36                    
  16 David & Jack Burton       0:44:20                    
  17 Amanda Garside            0:47:36                    
  18 Carrie Rombough           0:47:36                    
  19 Claire & Erik             0:47:40                    
  20 Alison & Joy Batty        0:49:47                    
  21 Gary & Wendy Reinink      0:50:00                    
  22 Sue & Brian Fitzpatrick   0:52:00                    
  23 Mo Fitzpatrick            0:52:00                    
  24 Jacketlabant & Chris     
     Taylor                    0:54:47                 
  25 Marion Naish              0:54:47                    
  26 Alex Taylor               0:54:47                    
  27 Hannah Murphy             1:16:14                    
  28 James Harris              ?                          
  29 Ju-Youn Kang              ?                          
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Course 4         1.4 kms 

   1 Jennifer Trinick          0:17:09                    
   2 Gene Beveridge            0:23:51                    
   3 Lab Rats                  0:24:00                    
   4 Renee Beveridge           0:25:15                    
   5 Kate Smirnova             0:28:50                    
   6 Tessa Boyd                0:42:00                    
   7 Alex Boyd                 0:44:23                    
   8 N Toalii                  0:53:00                    
   9 Mekkelholt                1:12:00                    
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