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Churchill Park  3 December 1998

"It rained and it rained and it rained. and every day the water got a little higher " Sorry about the weather but we are still winning 3 v 2. It was quite warm actually and there were no 'serious' complaints about the weather - it did reduce the 'after match' post mortems though. We're delighted to be getting new summer series participants despite the rain. Also great to have you regulars back to enjoy a run in the rain, some got a really good run, didn't they Bert. By joves, if you'd been one minute faster you'd have just pipped Asta!! You both showed true orienteering perseverance as did Nicola, Greg and James. That contours only map proved harder than we'd thought it would, shows what local knowledge does. Course 4 was the most competitive one of the evening despite its small numbers, Amy and Richard within seconds and Lucy just a little way back in only her second ever O outing.

Next week we start at Melville Park on St Andrews Rd and use the Mt Eden map. The shorter courses using the Teachers College area and the longer courses get on to Mt Eden. The setter tells me that course 1 will be physically challenging (very). This is again a Thursday event (10th Dec). The following week there will be the last of the pre-Christmas events, it is on Tuesday (note we are back to Tuesday) the 15th and we are starting in Puriri Drive (across the road from Cornwall Park). This is an almost new map that takes in Mt Hobson and Mt St John, some streets and the pleasant area around Puriri Drive. (How many of you have been to the top of Mt St John??)

Looking forward to seeing you in beautiful weather at Melville Park.

Stewart Family  (ph 5755 695 or email

Course 1			
1	John Counsell	0:39:14	
2	Alan Janes      0:56:48	
3	Craig Pearce	1:05:36	
4	Mike Bazley 	1:09:39	
5	Rob Scott   	1:10:46	
6	Nicola Kinzett	1:35:42	
7	Greg Dawson 	1:36:00	
Course 2			
1	Kevin Jose  	0:31:28	
2	D Milne     	0:35:00	
3	Steve Fotherby	0:35:03	
4	Russell Howard	0:35:45	
5	Jane Milne   	0:40:00	
6	Paul Williams	0:40:15	
7	Alan Verry  	0:41:23	
8	Mark Hodgson	0:43:38	
9	Bruce Cassey	0:44:00	
10	James Jelicich	1:34:00	
Course 3			
1	Catherine Price	0:32:50	
2	Gaylene Sargeant  0:56:25	
Course 4			
1	Amy Hodgson 	0:18:00	
2	Richard Butcher	0:18:48	
3	Lucy Hickey 	0:23:00	
Long Contour Course			
1	Shaun Collins	0:29:52	
2	David Stewart	0:35:17	
3	Brent Edwards	0:35:45	
4	Dave Crofts 	0:37:55	
5	Mark Lawson 	0:38:32	
6	Rob Wayne   	0:43:39	
7	Scott Vennell	0:48:20	
8	Graeme Hattie	0:52:20	
9	Chris Rowe  	0:56:02	
10	Tony Cooper 	1:02:24	
11	Asta Wistrand	1:31:56	
12	Bert Chapman	1:32:55	
13	Rob Hattie  	Retired	
	Rob Jessop  	Shadower	
Short Contour Course			
1	Jim Munro   	0:26:55	
2	Fraser Mills	0:32:49	
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