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Summer Series Results from Auckland Domain
November 5, 2002

Results from courses:   One   Two   Three   Four

A very big welcome back to a new season of the Summer Series. I am afraid there were a fair few comments like ‘What do you call this event???’ and  ‘Next week we will bring along our togs’ as the hardy group of old faithfuls, plus a healthy group of newcomers braved the, at times, damp and, at others, decidedly wet conditions tonight and slid their way around the Domain. When setting up on nights like this you always wonder whether you will be the only one mad enough to venture out so it was with great relief that we were able to welcome 100 of you along tonight. It was great to see the smiles, despite the wet and muddy bodies which returned after their courses. We do hope you all enjoyed yourselves – things can only get better!! A very special welcome to tonight’s newcomers. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon. There are always plenty of very experienced orienteers on hand at these events who would be delighted to chat to you about some of the skills of orienteering to help get you around a little bit faster or easier. Please do ask at registration if would like to talk to someone.

Next week, Tuesday, 12th November, we are at Hamlin’s Hill. The entry is off Great South Rd, Penrose, just north of Sylvia Park Rd. The longest course will venture across to Mt Richmond as well but the other 3 remain on Hamlin Hill. There will also be a contours only course for those who want a bit more of an orienteering challenge. If you have only ever whisked past Hamlin Hill when driving along the motorway at Mt Wellington, do come along and explore one of the newest ARA parks. As with all the volcanic cones around Auckland, there are lovely views across the city, particularly as the sun is setting (I am sure it is visible setting some nights!!!}

To those club members off to the Central Districts Champs at Rotorua this weekend, have an enjoyable and successful weekend.

The following weekend (November 16th and 17th) there are two days of orienteering up at Tawharanui, the ARA park on the east coast, north of Warkworth. The Saturday event is a Promotional type of event, with a course suitable for all, start times 3pm onwards. The Sunday event is the Auckland Club Relay Champs, with briefing at 10.00am, first leg starts, 10.30am. Everyone (members and non members) is warmly invited to attend both these days of orienteering. Although to take part officially in the Sunday event you need to be a club member, non members will be more than welcome to go out and run one of the courses. Club members, please make sure you let your organising club member know if you are taking part in the relay. Non club members, if you know you will be coming to the Sunday event it would be good if you could drop us an email as the maps for the relay will be pre marked, so we need an indication of numbers. There will be camping available in the park on Saturday night. Again, please let us know as soon as possible if you want to book a camp site so we can confirm the numbers with the Park Ranger. Come and make a great weekend of it, with two days or orienteering on a brand new map, plus plenty of time for beach cricket, swimming etc. It really is a beautiful park and well worth a visit.

See you next week

Joanna and Alistair Stewart

Course 1         5.6 kms 
   1 Mark Lawson               0:34:46                    
   2 Fraser Mills              0:35:50                    
   3 David Stewart             0:36:44                    
   4 Rob Jessop                0:40:04                    
   5 Dave Crofts               0:40:08                    
   6 Dougal Harding            0:40:38                    
   7 Paul Gilkison             0:40:45                    
   8 Tim Renton                0:41:24                    
   9 Dave Middleton            0:41:54                    
  10 Phil White                0:42:24                    
  11 Pete Swanson              0:43:00                    
  12 Rudi Hlawatsch            0:43:23                    
  13 Geoff Mead                0:43:45                    
  14 Ian Sydenham              0:45:47                    
  15 Simon Jager               0:51:10                    
  16 Penny Brothers            0:53:42                    
  17 Jamie Munro               0:54:20                    
  18 Guy Cory-Wright           0:57:23                    
  19 Vincent Copeland          0:58:20                    
  20 Craig Pearce              0:58:52                    

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Course 2         3.9 kms

   1 Terry Nuthall             0:31:56                    
   2 Alan Janes                0:33:03                    
   3 Craig Miller              0:33:33                    
   4 Mark Little               0:36:00                    
   5 Malcolm Gawn              0:36:07                    
   6 Anne Mortimer & Mark     
     Roberts                   0:37:02                 
   7 Shane Blackett            0:37:56                    
   8 Benjamin Balmforth        0:40:00                    
   9 Alan Verry                0:41:31                    
  10 Peter Godfrey             0:43:11                    
  11 Richard Kestle            0:43:40                    
  12 Gary Farquhar             0:44:30                    
  13 Sarah Gilkison            0:44:52                    
  14 Michael Jager             0:47:24                    
  15 Q Ball                    0:47:47                    
  16 Sarah Painter             0:49:00                    
  17 Judith Burnie             0:53:00                    
  18 Jane Simmonds             0:53:33                    
  19 Melvina Wise              0:58:53                    
  20 Catherine Price           0:59:24                    
  21 Winston & Jo Mahe         0:59:40                    
  22 Jennifer Trinick          1:00:00                    
  23 Greg Dawson               1:00:17                    
  24 Kathy Farquhar            1:03:40                    
  25 Wayne Munro               1:04:35                    
  26 Nicola Kinzett            1:05:33                    

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Course 3         2.9 kms 

   1 Rob Jessop                0:17:50  2nd run           
   2 John Scott & Suzanne     
     Dudding                   0:22:38                 
   3 Russell Howard            0:26:29                    
   4 G Nicholson               0:29:04                    
   5 Kelly Rouse               0:29:25                    
   6 Paul & Michel Kemp        0:30:19                    
   7 Alex Nicholson            0:30:43                    
   8 Emma Watson & Mark       
     Kelleher                  0:32:00                 
   9 Toby Scott                0:32:08                    
  10 Alex Taylor               0:33:00                    
  11 Scott Taylor              0:33:00                    
  12 Leah & Steven             0:34:00                    
  13 Sandy McGivern            0:34:00                    
  14 Marianne Macdonald        0:36:00                    
  15 Adele & Craig             0:37:48                    
  16 Claire Lowcay             0:38:00                    
  17 Nic & Al                  0:55:00                    
  18 Kate & Jackie Harsant     0:55:00                    
  19 Chris Taylor & Marion    
     Nawser                    0:55:00                 
  20 Alison & Joy Batty        0:58:20                    
  21 Jenny Andrew              1:05:00                    

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Course 4         2.0 kms

   1 Rob Jessop                0:10:36  3rd run           
   2 Claire Lowcay             0:19:00  2nd run           
   3 Renee Brocus              0:24:15                    
   4 Bryan Staunton            0:26:00                    
   5 Robyn Howard              0:26:11                    
   6 Natalie                   0:30:00                    
   7 Yvette                    0:30:00                    
   8 Ben Mains                 0:47:00                    

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