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Summer Series Results from Mt Eden
November 6, 2001
Results from courses: Park  One  Two  Three  Four

We’ve had our wet night for the season so you can all come to the next 13 events – fine weather a certainty ?? It was great to hear the enthusiastic talk from the orienteers tonight despite the poor weather. The hard luck story for the night was Sarah who miss read CM for CH and so went to the far distant side of the hill rather than 100 metres up the road. And from there she had the long trek to Auckland Grammar School. Well done Sarah and great to still be positive at the end. Jenny was happy at the end too, despite being given an envelope to do her punching on. Joanna must have been distracted at the time of giving Jenny her map and clip card and gave her a very water susceptible envelope to use instead. Jenny and the envelope made it round successfully, the envelope looking wetter than Jenny at the end.

We have two ways of preparing maps for the Summer Series. Some of the maps are printed especially for the event and some are pre-printed maps on which we plot the control circles. The maps we plot are very vulnerable in the wet as the ink is water-based and runs if it gets wet. We have plastic bags available every night to protect your map. On bad weather nights we strongly advise you to seal the bag with cellotape to help keep the water out. The bags we have available are very thin so you might like to bring along your own if the weather looks as though it will be wet. One orienteer tonight went without a bag and soon realised that her map was disintegrating as the rain started. She quickly stuck the map inside her shorts and only occasionally brought it out – under trees where it was relatively dry - to see where to go next. Some people don’t think our courses are hard enough they make a memory course out of it!!

Have you bought a seasons ticket yet? Next week is the last week to get full value. We will still sell them minus the money you have already paid to run on the first two nights.

Thanks to David Stewart for planning the courses for tonight - we will not hold you responsible for the rain, David, and many competitors were grateful for your restraint in not putting a control at the bottom of the crater this year! Thanks also to all those who lent a helping hand tonight, both in setting up and control collection. It was really appreciated with things taking that much longer in the wet.

Next week (Tuesday the 13th) we are at Craigavon Park in Blockhouse Bay. We have created a map to show you where to go and put it on the webpage. If you are not sure have a look at This will be the last event on a Tuesday evening this year  - we shift to later in the week.

On the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of December there is an event to which you are all invited. The Counties Manukau O Club is having an end of year social “training” weekend, which will include 3 short O events on some new maps. This is open to ALL CLUBS, the more the merrier. It may be an optional stay over at the Awhitu Regional Park. With a game of golf, or for those at peak fitness, a run on the Sunday. NOTE: 3 Orienteering events to be held on Saturday. Where: Awhitu Peninsula. How much: $5.00 total plus the golf green fees. A BBQ will be available. Bring your own sausages, steak, food, drink. Who to contact: Hillary Iles email Or Phone 09 235 2941 BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL for map quantities.

Auckland Relay Champs, Sunday 11 November, organised by NWOC
If you are a club member, this is an event not to be missed. On the Otakanini Topu map, sign-posted from Rimmers Road, Woodhill forest. Gate will be open from 9.30 to 10.30 am. Start draw 10.30 am. See the October magazine for course details (all standards from red long to yellow catered for) and format of the event. With Mark Lawson setting, Marquita Gelderman controlling, pre marked maps, and some of the best orienteering forest in NZ, NWOC guarantees a good event. You must pre-enter via your club: CMOC contact Hilary Iles 09-235-2941, AOC Heather Clendon 634-4253 or email, NWOC Lisa Mead 4454- 555. PLEASE RESPOND NOW

(Non club members still have time to join a club if they want to compete!)

Park Race         1.8 kms 
   1 Rob Jessop                0:12:45                    
   2 Darren Ashmore            0:13:00                    
   3 Phil Wood                 0:13:07                    
   4 Fraser Mills              0:14:45                    
   5 Neil Kerrison             0:15:23                    
   6 Tim Renton                0:15:52                    
   7 Blair Trewin              0:15:57                    
   8 Marco Thomo               0:16:05                    
   9 Dougal Harding            0:17:55                    
  10 Stu Lynch                 0:18:25                    
  11 Mark Lawson               0:23:29                    
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Course 1         6.5 kms 

   1 Dave Crofts               0:52:30                    
   2 Guy Cory-Wright           0:56:26                    
   3 Geoff Mead                0:59:18                    
   4 Melissa Edwards           1:04:30                    
   5 Rudy Hlawatsch            1:08:30                    
   6 Natalie Rouse             1:13:29                    
   7 Jamie Munro               1:14:20                    
   8 Ian Sydenham              1:16:06                    
   9 Craig Pearce              1:27:17                    
  10 Tony Cooper               1:34:38                    
  11 Pete Swanson              1:39:00                    
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Course 2         3.7 kms 

   1 Ben Balmforth             0:42:00                    
   2 Monika Faessler           0:42:38                    
   3 Brian Johnston            0:42:40                    
   4 Daniel Martin             0:43:02                    
   5 Jonathan                  0:43:30                    
   6 Nicholas Roberts          0:45:37                    
   7 Suzanne & John            0:47:02                    
   8 Lyn Stanton               0:48:59                    
   9 Russell Williams          0:50:06                    
  10 Penny Brothers            0:54:00                    
  11 Mark & Lucy               0:58:00                    
  12 Mary Wadsworth            0:59:59                    
  13 Q Ball                    1:00:30                    
  14 Paul Cocker (St Jude     
     Venturers)                1:00:36                 
  15 Graham Howe               1:01:00                    
  16 Bert Chapman              1:02:41                    
  17 Mike Howe                 1:04:56                    
  18 Paul & Michelle Kemp      1:05:50                    
  19 John Mitchell (St Jude   
     Venturers)                1:06:36                 
  20 Mervyn Paitry             1:11:00                    
  21 Nicola Kinzett            1:15:34                    
  22 Sarah Painter             1:16:00                    
  23 I & D                     1:24:04                    
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Course 3         2.2 kms 

   1 Kate Macky                0:20:40                    
   2 John Macky                0:23:00                    

   3 Michael Jager             0:24:57                    
   4 Alan Verry                0:27:25                    
   5 David Burton              0:28:45                    
   6 Christina Reinhart        0:30:00                    
   7 Russell Howard            0:32:48                    
   8 Arwen Vant & Christine   
     Farmer                    0:33:13                 
   9 Catherine Price           0:33:42                    
  10 Rae Fern                  0:34:07                    
  11 C Retter                  0:34:15                    
  12 Sophie Lange              0:34:58                    
  13 Caitlin & Carmel          0:35:50                    
  14 Alison Batty              0:39:42                    
  15 Chris Jager               0:39:57                    
  16 Gareth Jenkin             0:41:00                    
  17 Helen Roberts             0:41:00                    
  18 Tracey Hunter             0:42:50                    
  19 D & S O'Shea              0:44:27                    
  20 Rosie Hewlett             0:45:00                    
  21 Chris Taylor              0:48:13                    
  22 Marion Naish              0:48:13                    
  23 Jackie Harsant            0:48:13                    
  24 Sandy McGivern            0:51:46                    
  25 Eamon Tolhurst            0:53:50                    
  26 Sonia Hinson              0:56:50                    
  27 Jenny Andrew              0:58:43                    
  28 Gracie Gao                1:00:20                    
  29 Tom Williams              1:01:00                    
  30 Michael & Helen           1:05:00                    
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Course 4         1.6 kms 

   1 Sebastian Olsen           0:41:26                    
   2 Josephine Olsen           0:41:26                    
   3 Thomas (4 years)          0:42:35                    
   4 Kate, Sue & Matt          Rained o                   
   5 Angela, Sophie & Danielle Rained o                   
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