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Auckland Orienteering Club presents

The Auckland Championships 2001
The 29th annual event
3 new maps (Remapped)   (45 minutes drive north of Auckland)

Labour Weekend 20-22 October 2001

DAY 1: Classic, Saturday 20 October – South Woodhill forest

DAY 2: Short O, Sunday 21 October – South Woodhill forest

DAY 2: The Real Auckland Sprint O Champs, Sunday 21 October
Fast parkland in Auckland City

DAY 3: Classic, Monday 22 October – South Woodhill forest

Three of the events take place on a newly remapped area of South Woodhill with generally flat sand dunes under semi-mature pines.  The scale is 1:10,000 for seniors and the contour interval is 5 metres.  The setting / controlling team is Rob Jessop, Mark Roberts, Alistair and Joanna Stewart, and Scott Vennell. The location of the event area is north of Auckland. Participants should travel along SH16 north of Auckland entering Woodhill Forest at Restall Rd ( the forest headquarters entrance).

Start times
Please note that with the block starting of classes, any requests for start times to accommodate young children must accompany entries.  Changes to start times may render a competitor unofficial.

Day 1    11am
Day2    10am       3pm for the Auckland Sprint O Champs
Day3    9:30am

Classes for Classic and Short-O
Course Men Women Relative length
of the course
1 M21E (open) 100% Red
2 M-20A, M21A (open)  W21E (open) 60% Red
3 M-18A, M40-A 47% Red
4 M50-A, M21-AS (open) W-18A, W-20A, W21A (open), W40-A 38% Red
5 M60-A, M40-AS W50-A, W21-AS (open), W40-AS 27% Red
6 M70-A W60-A 18% Red
7 M-16A, M21B (open) 35% Orange
8 M-20B, M40-B W-16A, W21B (open), W-20B, W40-B 29% Orange
9 M-14A, M-16B, M21C (open) W-14A, W-16B, W21C (open) 27% Yellow
10 M-12, M-14B W-12, W-14B 21% White
Relative length is based on an M21E winning a classic distance course in 105 minutes.
There will be a string course available at each event ( Sprint O excluded )

Entry Details

Age Classes
Competitors aged 20, or younger; belong to each class up to the end of the calendar year in which they reach the given age. They are entitled to compete in older classes up to and including 21.  Competitors aged 21, or older, belong to each class from the beginning of the calendar year in which they reach the given age. They are entitled to compete in younger classes down to and including 21.

All entrants must be affiliated to the National Federation through their Club. Persons not a member of a Club must pay a single event levy each day of $9 Senior, $5:50 Junior and $23:50 Family as well as their entry fee.  This does not apply to overseas orienteers affiliated to their own national orienteering organisations.

Unofficial Entries
 Individuals who choose to enter a class that they are not entitled to, are deemed to be unofficial, examples are a 37 year old male entering in a M40 class race, or a 14 year old girl entering a W-12 race. See below for late entries.

Late Entries
Entries close on 30th September.
Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers. The late entry fee is $10. Changes of grade after closing date will also incur a $10 penalty fee. A late entry may be deemed unofficial by the race organiser.

Entry Fees
Day 1 Classic Day 2 Short O Day 3 Classic Total for all 3 days
Senior $20 $15 $20 $50
Junior $15 $10 $15 $30
Family $55 $40 $55 $130

- Family is up to two seniors living at the same address and any number of juniors at that address that look to at least one of these seniors as a parent.
- Junior is anyone eligible to compete in M or W20 or younger.
- Entry in the sprint O event will be by invitation. Fastest 10 men’s and women’s elites plus the top 2 from each red course (16+) from the short O, will be invited.
- Orienteers may run the Sprint O before the official event begins.
- There will be a chasing start for elite’s on Day 3.

Social Event.
A social event is being organised for Sunday evening. The event will start off with a prize giving for the Auckland Sprint O champs and the Short O. Details of the event will be included in the programme.

Prize giving
There will be a prize giving at the end of the last event, this is expected to take place at 2 p.m. Spot prizes will be included. Only members of the AOA (which includes WACO and Whangarei club members ) can win Auckland titles.

If competitors would like to be billeted please indicate this on your entry form. The AOC will then attempt to place you with an appropriate club member.

An unsupervised crèche area complete with tent will be set up each day except for the Sprint O.

- This will be an A grade event.
- This competition will be run in accordance with NZOF regulations.
- Some classes/courses may be combined if entry numbers are small.
- Competitors are welcome to enter different classes in these championships. You must however enter the same class for both classic events in order to be in contention for a title. You must however be eligible for whatever class you do enter, otherwise your entry will be unofficial.
- Confirmation of your entry is by clearance of your cheque.

The programme will be emailed to competitors. The programme will only be posted by mail to competitors who have selected the mail option on the entry form.

Closing date
Entries must be postmarked no later than Sunday 30 September 2001.

Any enquiries please phone:
Lisa Brooks on Auckland  09 520 7075 or

Entry Form below or available in PDF format
The form below does not print well unless printer set to landscape mode.
The information above plus the entry form is also available in PDF format but it will take a few minutes to download.
Auckland Orienteering Championships  20-22 October 2001
Contact name: _____________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________

Start time requests (for those with young children only): ____________

Home Phone: ___________________________
Email: _________________________________
I wish to receive the programme by mail        Y/N
I wish to receive the results by mail               Y/N
If your entry is unofficial please indicate     Y/N
see programme for definition
String course required?                                    Y/N
Last Name First Name Club Birth Year Day 1
Day 2
Short O
Day 3
Class or
Levy Class or
Levy Class or
* The payment of a Levy is only required if you are not a fully affiliated member of an orienteering Club. The Levy is $9 Senior, $5:50 Junior and $23:50 Family per event. This does not apply to overseas orienteers affiliated to their own orienteering organisations. Total $                 

Cheques:  Please make cheques out to "Auckland Orienteering Club"
Closing date: postmarked no later than Sunday 30 September 2001 
Late entries: entry fee plus $10 per person. Please note a late entry may be deemed by the race controller to be unofficial.
Send entries to
Tom Clendon
18A Irirangi Rd Greenlane
Phone  (09) 634-4253