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April 2001

Event calendar
North West News
cMOC Calling
Auckland Chatter
Another Summer Series over
Foot and mouth
The uphill struggle for fitness
Great Day O
Next Issue

We still need an editor!

Unsurprisingly, I have not been overwhelmed with responses to my call for a replacement editor.

Despite this, the new arrival will not wait. If you know anyone whose arm you can gently twist – or you could pass the names to me. I promise not to disclose the source. It is not a difficult job, the newsletter contributors from the three Auckland clubs all reliably supply news on time every month (with the possible exception of the one I live with). May will have to be my last month as editor – but am happy to help out for June. After that, I’m definitely only available for changing nappies and other mysterious chores with which I’m about to become acquainted.

Cover Photo: Terry Nuthall finishing the Short-O at the Nationals

Event calendar

Please call Club Secretaries for final confirmation of these details: (A) Auckland: Nicola Kinzett 09 521 9535 (CM) Counties-Manukau: Hilary Isles 09 235 2941; (E) Egmont: Suzanne Scott (06) 758 4468; (H) Hamilton: Mike Baldwin 07 856 3887 (NW) NorthWest: Jill Smithies 09 838 7388; (P) Pinelands: Chris Jackson 07 886 5313; (R ) Rotorua: Peter Fitchett 07 345 6786; (T) Taupo: Alison Mensen 07 378 0577; (WACO) Waikato and Auckland Campus: Melissa Edwards 09 634 8104; (Wh) Whangarei: Dick Rankin 09 434 6499; (NOS) National Orienteering Squad: Rob Crawford 09 412 9711. Unless otherwise stated, start times are 10 am to 12 midday. Summer Series start times from 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm.

April 2001

Sun 22nd NW Score Series 2 - Otakanini Topu Signposted SH16 at Rimmers Rd south of Helensville

Tea and Sympathy after your run provided by Auckland OC – look for the flag

Sun 22nd CM Club event – Taurangaruru Signposted from Waiuku

Sun 29th WHO OY 4 - Waipu Caves From Auckland follow SHI north to the to Waipu flats pass the 1st set of Waipu township signs (on your right) turn left at the sign (Shoemaker Road left: Taipuha 22km) and follow Shoemaker road 7 km to a T junction. Turn left to follow the sign Waipu Caves Rd: Waipu Caves 6 km and follow this narrow gravel road carefully for 6km to the event. Do not go up Palmers Rd- it is no exit, unless you want to see the view on the way down. Mountfield Rd, further North of Shoemaker Rd will also get you to the T junction if you happen to shoot past Shoemaker Rd on SH1. Less than 2 hours from harbour bridge. Setter – Graham Still Controller – David Nevin

Sun 29th Squad Forest Run. Entry at the forest headquarters (Restall Rd)

May 2001

Sun 6th NW Score Series 3 - Beautiful Hills Woodhill Forest SH16 to forest headquaters north of Waimauku. Signposted from forest headquarters turnoff.

Sun 6th CM Club event - Harkers Reserve signposted from bridge over Waikato near Tuakau

Wed 9th NW Committee Meeting 7.30pm Paul Gilkinsons’ 12Albert Rd, Devenport

Sun 13th NW Score Series 4 - Beez Kneez North on East Coast Bays Road, past Long Bay and Okura, look for sign approx 2km past Redvale (be careful turning – it is a busy road).

Thur 17th NW Auckland Intermediate School Champioships – Ambury Park

Sun 20th CM Club event - Totara Park Manurewa

Tue 22nd SS AOC Secondary School Teams event – One Tree Hill

Fri 25th A Social / Barbecue, venue TBA

Sun 27th NW Score Series 5 – Turkey Ridge Signposted SH16 at Rimmers Rd south of Helensville

June 2001

2 – 4th HB Hawkes Bay 3 day

Sun 10th NW Score Series 6 - Slater Road NW Motorway SH16 to Helensville, left at the round about continue through Parakai – approx 20mins from Parakai

Sun 10th CM Club event - Reeves Farm

Sun 17th NW Great Day O – Entry form in this magazine

Wed 20th CM Auckland Secondary Schools Champs - Waiuku Forest

Sun 24th CM Bell Trophy 1 – Waiuku

July 2001

Sat 7th NW Social – Dinner and Movie Night, Avondale

Sun 8th AOC Bell Trophy 2 - Beautiful Hills

13 – 14th Wgtn Silva Nat Sec School Champs

Sun 22nd NW Bell Trophy 3 - Otakanini Topu or Turkey Ridge

August 2001

Sun 26th AOC OY 5 - Pot Luck

September 2001

Sun 2nd AOC training Pot Luck

Sun 9th CM OY 6 - Karioitahi

Sun 23rd NW OY7 - Kaipara Knolls(map to be confirmed)

Sun 30th NW training Kaipara Knolls

October 2001

6 – 7th CDOA CDOA Champs

20-22 AOC Auckland Champs

Sun 28th NW Ralph King Score event

November 2001

3 – 4th Wgtn Wellington Champs

Sun 11th NW Auckland Teams event (relays) - Slater Road

January 2002

AOC Anniversary Weekend 2 day incl Point to Point round Auckland epic thingy

North West News

The President gets to write…

To start with, I’d like to give a special vote of thanks to Lisa (with occasional family help) for providing our regular copy – she relinquished her journalist role for just this issue, but I understand she would be prepared to consider offers from anyone else keen to give it a go!

Our thanks also to Andrew Bell and Geoff for their work in bringing together the promotional event at Beautiful Hills. There were lots of school competitors who weren’t listed on the emailed results, and fortunately their times were considerably less! I doubt there is anyone who can say they have truly mastered the Beautiful Hills map…

Katoa Po night relays proved again to be a fantastic social event (thanks Taupo for hosting), and very successful for the club. Five of 18 teams entered were NW, with three of them finishing in the top seven. Special thanks to Mark Lawson and Bert for getting the supporters’ tent to the site, and to everyone who cheered the teams on until the bitter end. It really did drop to near freezing out there but lucky for Geoff he was able to pull out a goosedown jacket that he had somehow neglected to tell Lisa he had bought! Coming second to Hawkes Bay for the most vocal award was a fair result, but already we have plans to improve one place next year. Good to see the wrenched ankle didn’t stop Trevor’s enthusiasm on the sideline.

The award for the most incredible feat would have to go to Dave Middleton, who the timekeepers would have us believe blitzed the field by ten minutes for the ‘bloody murder’ leg. About time Dave moved out of the M50s and into the Elites perhaps?

The CDOY event on Sunday was another superb day, with a swag of NW members taking the top slots in several grades (helped by the overnight recruiting drive). A tight finish on Course 8 saw Nick just pip Sarah by 8 seconds.


An issue that has been focussing the attention of your committee has been the proposal for NWOC to become an Incorporated Society. The rationale for this has been discussed at the last two meetings, with four compelling arguments in its favour:

As a society, NWOC becomes a separate legal entity from its members. As a result, it can lease, rent, buy/sell property, borrow money and enter into contracts in its own name. The society also becomes capable of perpetual succession - that is, its existence continues despite membership changes.

Members have no personal liability for the debts, contracts or other obligations of their society. There are two exceptions to this:

Where debts or obligations are incurred from operations involving financial gain. In such circumstances, the members involved in the operations become personally liable for the debts and obligations, and

Where debts or obligations are incurred as the result of unlawful actions. Again the members involved become personally liable.

As the rules of the society must meet the minimum requirements laid down in the Act, there is some certainty as to the way the affairs of the society should be conducted.

Members can have no individual claim on the property of the society except where the rules state that surplus assets are to be distributed to members when the society is put into liquidation.

A mail-out to all members describing the proposal in more detail will be conducted soon, along with a copy of the draft constitution. Members will be asked to vote on whether they support the change to our club structure and the constitution wording.

What’s Happening?

A big welcome to the recent newcomers to the club – superstars Neil Kerrison, and Shaun & Madeleine Collins (whose skills we look forward to tapping for coaching). And to Phoebe (who is already challenging for W12 primacy), Alex and Alastair Borwick, Andrea Gilkison (a sibling coerced at last!) and Scott Patterson. Please don’t hesitate to corner any of the executive if there is anything we can do to help in your complete assimilation.

The club trailer cleanup was successful – thanks to those who helped. We’re now looking ship shape for the first of the score events.

The dinner and movie evening at Avondale is still on for Sat 7 July – please contact Gay Ambler if you’re interested in coming along (Ph 09 424 7010).

Geoff and Lisa have continued in their winning ways with the Wairamarama Rogaine – an outstanding result put them second overall and clear winners of the mixed section. Geoff tells me the secret is in the length of the string!

Magazines. The committee has agreed to continue subscriptions to the British & Australian Orienteering mags. Please contact Lisa if you’d like to borrow copies of them, or other club publications held. (Ph 445 4555)

Next club meetings

Wednesday 11 April at 7.30pm at Al and Jill Smithies’, 4B Fairbanks Place, Glendene.

Wednesday 9 May at Paul Gilkison and Phillippa Poole’s, 12 Albert Rd, Devonport (let’s hope the renovations are finished by then!)


Rob Jessop finishing the Short-O at the Nationals


Three months into the year and with only five weeks of Sunday orienteering, and the controversial Easter Nationals already upon us. Here’s hoping everyone is in the right orienteering mind set.


A big Welcome to new club members:

Brent Edwards, Anne Humphries, Kelly Jones, Natalie Rouse, Phillipa Postles, and the Peat family, Bruce & Blair, Martin, Francis, Andrew and Nicola.


Thanks to Wayne and Trish Aspin for their challenging courses at OY3 Matakawau. It just goes to show, you can create route choice problems without generating excessive climb. Thanks to Hilary Iles as co-ordinator and all who helped on the day. It was great to see several newcomers, some a result of our Park Promotions.

Counties fielded two teams at the Katoa Po night relays hosted by Taupo ‘O’ Club. Kelly Jones, who after doing two park events, was keen enough to try Night ‘O’ and placed 3rd on leg one. Martin Peat, another newcomer, ran the second leg so fast, the organisers handicapped us by holding our leg 3 runner back for 3 minutes. Brent Edwards ran leg 7 and pulled the team back from 4th into 2nd place (ahead of North West and Auckland). All club members shared good times and real team spirit, well done. Makes up for our loss at the Auckland Relays 2000.

The 2001 Wairamarama Rogaine proved to be very successful with approximately 80 people competing. There was a 12 hour and 6 hour category with the latter being by far the more popular.

All aspects of the event were superb with breathtaking scenery, numerous waterfalls and views to the coast. Control setter and organiser Aiden Nelson mentioned only the 12 hour teams ventured into the Forest (a mixture of pine and native). Only one team managed to collect all forest control points.

The six hour event was won by the NZ Army Team of Jason Markham and Cathel Dickens. Markham gained third place in the last world Rogaine champs and is also in the National ‘O’ Squad. Feedback from the farmers was nothing but positive and they are keen to have everyone back. The locals served up an excellent meal, and that alone is worth going back to compete in the next rogaine. Counties was the only club to have a Junior at the event – Kieran Murphy (M12) ran with his dad Peter. A great effort and definite contenders for the next Auckland Rogaine.

Next Meeting

Next Club Meeting to be held at Chris Rowe and Ian Hunter’s residence: 84 Fausett Road Drury, 7:30 p.m. Monday, 7 May 2001.

All contributions to CMOC’s column welcome.

Bob Hattie Ph 299 6394


Committee Meetings

We feel compelled to record the excellence of the pikelets at the Stewart residence and the truly remarkable nature of their miaowing clock.

Your committee resolved this month to vote in favour of the NZOF AGM remit to increase NZOF funding but to propose an amendment to change from a flat $3/$2 per run fee to a 25% levy. The amendment was accepted by the AGM.

We also voted to abolish social membership of orienteering clubs (passed by AGM) and to permit the timing of the nationals to be decided by the organising club (rejected by AGM). You can’t win everything, I guess.


Chris Grove is travelling overseas for a couple of years.

The National Championships in the Waikato brought us 3 national champions:

Congratulations to Nationals medallists David Stewart 2nd M20A, Andy Brewis 2nd M65A, S Jager 1st M12A, Hilary Weeks 2nd W65A

And to National Short event placegetters Mark Roberts 1st M40AS, Douglas Kwan 1st M21A, David Stewart 2nd M20A, Andy Brewis 3rd M65A, S Jager 1st M12A (in 8:38!), Rebecca Smith 2nd W21E, Chris Jager 3rd W40AS, Jill Mains 3rd W21AS, Hilary Weeks 2nd W65A, - hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Looks like accuracy and guile on the tricky short event worked in Auckland’s favour!

Guy Cory-Wright and Mary Wadsworth tied the knot in style this month, more than a decade after first meeting.


Guy and Mary’s wedding – they arrived at the reception in style

Big Ups to Dave Stewart for making the JWOC Squad, a dream come true, I’m told.

Six AOC members are attending WMOC this year in Lithuania (wherever that is.)

Congratulations to Jill Brewis on the publishing of her umpteenth book, "The Essential Digby Law", a collection of his best recipes.


We note that most AOC members at OY1 got their money’s worth!

A Controller’s Clinic is mooted for some time in the next few months, organised by Mark Roberts and run by guest stars from around the country. Everyone with an interest in setting and controlling is not just requested but required to be at the Clinic. More info when it’s available.

We understand that some fairly creative cheating went into getting chocolate prizes at the first Score event.

Auckland Championships 2001

Hear ye, hear ye – the Auckland Champs will be held at Labour Weekend this year, hosted by the Auckland Club. We are currently planning two classic days and one (single) short length day, all contributing to the championships, and all on a large remapped area of South Woodhill. The map is being fieldworked by Michael Wood.

The success of the Park-O at Taupo has spurred tentative plans for a Park-O on the afternoon of the Short event, to be held on a new park map in Auckland City. (Or perhaps North Shore, Waitakere or Manukau!)

All AOC members are called on to help in one capacity or another both before the event and on the day. We are busy volunteering you this week – call early to book the duty of your choice! This is deadly serious and really important – think not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club – and do it now – when you get round to it will be TOO LATE. Talk to any of the usual suspects or Mark Roberts if you want some information or to get involved. WE MUST HAVE VOLUNTEERS.

Next Meetings

Tea and Sympathy after the event at Otakanini Topu on Sunday 22nd May, open to all orienteers, cakes have been promised.

Social / Barbecue Friday 25th May – you will be invited to share with us your most entertaining / embarrassing / remarkable O moment.

Committee Wednesday 9th May, Brewis residence, 32 Dingle Road, St. Heliers.

Committee Tuesday 19th June, Clendon residence, 18A Irirangi Rd, Green Lane.

Mark 521 9535

Another Summer Series over

As we come up for breath after a fairly hectic summer filled by 15 summer series events, there is time to jot down a few thoughts.

Firstly, we were extremely grateful this year for the support we had, not only from Auckland Club members, but from folks from the other clubs. We feel it is very important that the newcomers see a lively event when they arrive, with lots of people out enjoying themselves. Even more appreciated was the willing assistance given by the early arrivals. It is not easy to once a week get away from work in time to set out all the controls and campermatic so invariably there were still tasks to be done when folks started to arrive. Poor Bert had to close his eyes and swallow hard on several occasions as he erected the Auckland club flag! Our heartfelt thanks to all those who lent a hand to put out signs, erect banners, and result strings or to give friendly instruction to newcomers. Sorry if you were sometimes dragged away from a conversation and asked to assist a newcomer but the assistance in this by so many of you is the main reason that newcomers returned for more. We were delighted at each event to see another group of first timers but our real delight came when they returned, accompanied by friends, in the following weeks.

With the start of the Sunday events it is also very gratifying to see quite a number of new faces appearing in the forest. Towards the end of the Summer Series events there were many enquires about the winter events and we have been kept busy changing people over from the Summer Series-only email list to the list receiving all emails, so at least a lot of people are planning on trying out the forest. It is now up to everyone of us to make an effort to chat to any new faces we see at the events over winter, make them feel welcome and give them any assistance we can. I can distinctly remember some of the Stewart family’s first efforts orienteering in the forest. At one event, after floundering through cutty grass up to our necks, doing a 180, and getting drenched in the rain, all with David, aged one in a backpack and Mark, 4 being dragged by the hand, we eventually by some miracle, found our way back to the car with 2 children on the verge of hyperthermia. I have never ceased to be amazed that we returned for more, but I am sure it was mainly due to the kind encouragement given to us by the likes of Tony Nicholls. Perhaps some of his early experiences are the reason David still seems to have a passion for the greenest parts of the map!

It was interesting to ask the first timers at events, how they had heard about it. Of course for many it was word of mouth but there were large numbers who had picked up fliers from gyms, sports and outdoor shops. Also quite a few had seen it in the City Scene. The one I liked best was the one who was clearing the email for a colleague at work who was away and had come across our results email.

One thought that we have had is that of all our orienteering events, the Summer Series is probably one of the easiest to sell for sponsorship – we are visible, once a week, in the middle of the city, fliers go out all over the city, over the course of the summer thousands of maps get sold which could all have a sponsors logo on them. How about some entrepreneurial person out there selling a sponsorship package.

Alistair and Joanna Stewart



Report from the AOA meeting held on 27 March 2001.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Auckland, North West and Counties Manukau Clubs as well as Mark Roberts as AOA Technical Officer and Joanna Stewart as the AOA Junior Training Co-ordinator.

The role of the AOA was reviewed. It was agreed that the current informal structure with agreement by consensus is all that is required. While the AOA has no authority over the clubs it was recognised that the clubs need to work together and have a consistent approach.

The increase in the Carter Holt levy was discussed. When the levy was first introduced AOA representatives met with CHH and a special rate was negotiated for orienteering. AOA representatives are to meet with CHH again to put forward our case for a special rate once again.

If possible, the adventure courses are to continue for the remainder of the year. Their popularity will then be assessed and the decision whether they should become a regular feature of our events will be made.

The Bell Trophy series was further defined. 5 courses will be offered at an autumn series competition level.

There is a shortage of A grade controllers in Auckland. We have able controllers who need to attend a controllers’ clinic to achieve an A level status. Mark Roberts is investigating the possibility of a controllers clinic being held in Auckland. This would be for those wishing to become either "B" or "A" level controllers.

The planning process for the 2002 orienteering calendar will begin at the next AOA meeting, which is on 26 June 2001. The AOA would like club members to give their suggestions for the calendar. Clubs will be asked for feedback on the following questions -

  1. OY series – spread the competition over the year or hold the events in quick succession? If OY’s are spread should there be a split series (in two blocks like this year) or a continuous series?
  2. OY series – should it lead up to the Nationals or should it be held as a series leading towards the Auckland Champs?
  3. How many OY’s should there be?
  4. How many OY events to count in the series?
  5. How many OY’s will your club run?
  6. Should Hamilton, WACO and Whangarei be included in the OY competition?
  7. Should the planner & controller of the OY receive OY points? If so how should these be calculated?
  8. How many courses should there be for the OY’s?
  9. Should we continue with the 6 minute pre-start for the OY’s?
  10. Score series – should this be repeated?
  11. Should we have an off-season? If so should it be event free or have promotional & training type events?
  12. Should we have a promotional season?
  13. Should we have a handicap series?
  14. Should adventure courses continue to be offered?
  15. Any other ideas or points for consideration?
Jill Smithies ph: (09) 838 7388

Michael Wood coaching

Foot and mouth

The following is a statement posted on the BOF website.

Statement to members.

1. The British Orienteering Federation strongly recommends that all orienteering events to be held in fields, forests, parkland, etc., are suspended during the current foot and mouth outbreak, and for at least six weeks after the last confirmed instance.

2. Such a policy will apply to all Federation events (the JK, the British Orienteering Championships, the British Elite Championships, the Harvester Relays, the Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays, and the British Schools Orienteering Championships). As a result JK2001 will not take place on April 12th to 16th. Updated information on other Federation events will be made available on the BOF website and answerphone, or directly from BOF office.

3. Clubs or associations who wish to hold their own events during this time must do so only with the full agreement of all landowners affected (including car parking), and with due regard to the possible impact on public perceptions of the sport.


Dear Asta

I too disagree with the price increases for this year's OY series (re your letter in March Auckland Orienteer). The increase is too sudden and too late. Such changes shock consumers and generate the sort of reaction you have displayed. I believe that prices should be reviewed annually. This has not happened for the OY series because the club committees have listened to every expression of resistance to price increases; after all they too have to pay and the committees are the ultimate in democracy.

Eventually a price increase becomes inevitable, usually triggered by a shock increase such as the current rise in forest entry fees by CHH, and whammo, consumer distress. But what has really happened to the orienteering pocket? If my memory serves me right, event fees have about tripled in the time I have been orienteering, to the $10 minimum that I believe should be charged for seniors - supported with very high family discounts as we should pay parents to bring future customers to events. Think about the cost increases elsewhere over that long period. Ice creams have gone from 20c to $1.40, the movies from $2 to $18 (except for M60+ runners). Petrol, the other great O cost, has increased more.

People do a lot for nothing for orienteering, as anyone who attends committee meetings is well aware, but some costs are real, unavoidable and, in the case of mapping costs, hit the clubs with the impact of a runaway bus, and if the clubs don't make provision for those costs there will be no maps and no sport. An OY series is going to cost me about $70 in entry fees, including perhaps $15 for the use of CHH and iwi land and perhaps the same again in car costs. At $150 I see this as good value compared to a dozen bottles of modest wine or a trip to the movies a month (without popcorn), especially as I may lose weight and I will, for an hour or two, have to concentrate like a twenty year old. $70 is exactly the cost of yesterday's visit to the doctor and chemist in an attempt to quit a chest infection threatening to knock me out of the Nationals.

Dear Asta, please think through the issue again and tot up the benefits that orienteering brings to you. We all hope that you will stay, after all you can run a mean race.

Andy Brewis AOC
Dear Editor

So Selwyn Palmer is roamin’ in the gloamin’ of South America. After consulting my atlas I was in awe of such a saga. What would Selwyn make of travelling 34 km on Sunday from Waiuku to Maioro in the greatest roundabout route to find an "O" event?

Yes, I am back in business again, losing my way. How could anyone who had lived here 50 odd years possibly miss the signs? Gotta blame someone – so the sign poster. Fancy having a sign where the arrows went both south and west.

To go up Wiri Rd or continue on to the forest? To be or not to be. With a car up my bumper, an immediate decision was called for. Forest wins. Some small filament of my brain needs the cool forest trees to bring balm to the soul.

At the forest gates I met a man running. Good, an orienteer. "Is it O-ing out there" I ask. "Straight ahead" he replies. The long and the short of it is he didn’t know an orienteer from a horse.

And 22km later, I make the round trip to Thomson’s farm and familiar faces. In case you need to travel the forest roads please get a 4 wheel drive. The corrugations are horrendous.

Tania did a great job on the map, setting not too daunting for W100 with her gammy knee and shrinking intellect. The controls were spot on and the hills acceptable, only the sun glowered a bit fiercely. How was it at Turkey Ridge?

Great to meet one’s friends again, to feel part of the "O" family and even better to be able to negotiate the sandhills.

You may not credit this, but somehow on the way home I managed to arrive in Bothwell Park Road, and had a glorious round trip.

What a cool day out.

W 100

The uphill struggle for fitness

Summarised from an article in BOK (Bristol Orienteering Klub) News by Rosemary Dyer for those of us to whom training does not come naturally.

As you do more orienteering it is inevitable that you feel the need for a greater level of fitness to enable you to participate more comfortably in the longer events, and, more importantly, to enable you to beat the people who always seem to come at the top! Here are a few tips to help you in your quest for the athletic ability of your dreams.

Motivation to go out running is always a problem with the weather being the perfect excuse: "I can’t go today, its too cold/hot/wet/humid/windy etc." Other possible excuses include: "I have too much work to do", "I have to do my music practice", "I need to do the housework". Notice how all these are things one would not normally want to do, but they suddenly become much more important when the alternative is to go for a run.

You may have also noticed that running always seems a good idea when you are planning it during the day, but when you actually come to do it, it suddenly seems less appealing. It does get easier if you plan well in advance where and when you are going to go, and, inevitably, when you start to notice the benefits, which is when you have managed to improve motivation, which is when you have noticed the benefits…!

All the talk at the moment is about cross-training, or training in more than one discipline, to improve all round fitness levels. Try running and swimming, or anything else you enjoy. This form of training also helps motivation as a single form of exercise comes round much less frequently in the week, giving you time to forget how awful the last session was, or at least in theory.

Having a calendar reserved solely for the purpose of recording your routes and times is a good way to monitor progress, especially if one route that you enjoy more than others is taken as a ‘barometer’ and run at a particular time each fortnight, and the time recorded. This will also help you see the relative length of your runs and plan your week accordingly. A few suggestions on planning your training:

Finally remember that you are doing this all for fun and it’s not a matter of life or death.

Jenny Adams at the Park-O held during the Nationals

North West Orienteering Club GREAT DAY O

Sunday 17 June 2001

The North West Orienteering Club is pleased to present a Long Orienteering event to be held on three adjoining Woodhill Forest maps: Deak’s Head, Slater Road, and Turkey Ridge.

Entry Details

Entry is open to anyone. Membership of an orienteering Club is not required.

The courses are long. The classes indicated are recommended for each of the three courses, but not obligatory. Please note the difficulty is RED and not suited to novice or inexperienced competitors.
Course Length
Open Men
M 35 - 59
Open Women
M 60+
W 40+

Start times

There will be mass starts for each course:

Course 1 9:30 am          Course 2 10:00 am              Course 3 10:30 am


Prizes will be presented to the winner of the Open Men and the Open Women courses. Spot prizes will be awarded dependent on the size of the prize pool.

Closing Date

Closing date for entries is 1 June 2001.

Entry Fees

The entry fee per competitor is $30.
An additional forest entry fee of $5 per vehicle is charged for using the access road. This fee will be collected at the forest gate on the day.

T Shirts

Good quality white T-shirts emblazoned with the stunning three-colour graphic (similar to that shown on the cover of this entry form) are available for $15 each. Sizes from kids to adults (12, 14, 16, S, M, L, XL). Include your order in the space on the entry form.


Stan Foster and Bert Chapman.


Any enquiries should be directed to:

Bert Chapman       [ 09-846 5083] or
Jill Smithies          [ 09-838 7388].


NWOC gratefully acknowledges the following support for the Great Day O:
Dianne Michels who designed the logo.
Rod Hedley, Bruce and Danny Taylor, Andy Slater and Jenny Bright for access to Slater Road.
The land owners of Turkey Ridge and Deak’s Head.
Carter Holt Harvey for the use of its forests.

Entry Form
Contact Name:

Home Phone:



I wish to receive any further information by email  Tick Box
I wish to receive results by email  Tick Box
[If you have not ticked the boxes above, additional information and results will be forwarded by mail]
Last Name
First Name
Start Time
T Shirts (Size)

[ ] competitors @ $30ea [ ] T Shirts @ $15ea Total Enclosed: $

Please make cheques payable to North West Orienteering Club, and crossed not negotiable. Entries should be sent with payment to:
Rolf Wagner, North West Orienteering Club, PO Box 76, Red Beach 1330

Next Issue: May 2001

Editorial contributions very welcome and in fact an absolute necessity. Send them to Lisa Brooks 6 Tautari St Orakei, or email tel 09 521 9535

Please could I have all contributions before 5th May 2001


If you change your address, please contact your club membership officer or Andrew Bell on 09 411 7166.


The New Zealand Orienteering Federation gratefully acknowledges the support of the Hillary Commission. The Auckland Orienteering Association wishes to thank Carter Holt Harvey for the use of its forests.