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Results 2004

OY 6  - Kelland Rd  -  12 September 2004 - Results    Split times, WinSplits Online

OY 5  - Whose Game  -  29 August 2004 - Results    Split times, WinSplits Online

Auckland Sprint Championships - 21 August 2004 - Results

Preliminary results from OY3 - Hobbit Woods - 1 August 2004. Split times, WinSplits Online

New Zealand Mountain Bike O Champs were held at Waiuku last weekend. Go to the MTBO web page for results and access to the split times. A fine display of MTBOing from Pete Swanson to win the Vet Men section and very well done to our President with her third place in a competitive field.

OY1 - Four Seasons 27 June 04. We apologise that split times were not available on the day. You can see them now on WinSplits Online.

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3-10 July

Jill Brewis 37th W65A  --  GREAT EFFORT
Jeff Greenwood 8th M40B
Rae Powell 25th W60C
Tom Clendon 63rd M65C
John Powell 50th M60D
Alison Comer 25th W35B
Heather Clendon persevered well


4-11 July

Tim Renton 47th Middle Distance M20B
Tim Renton  122nd Long distance


11-19 Sept

Rob Jessop, Alistair Landels








21-27 June (World University O Champs)

Tim Renton (photos)

Martin Peat 68th in the long race and Tim was 73rd


18-23 July (brush up on your Swedish – but the results pages can be found without too much trouble)

Tim Renton


Queens Birthday 2004 3 Day event

The results booklet for the Queen's Birthday 3 day event is now available in PDF format.
Some photos to help you remember the weekend.

Day 1: Results available here - and Split times on WinSplits Online
Day 2: Results
available here - and Split times on WinSplits Online
Day 3: Results
available here - and Split times on WinSplits Online
The combined times from Days 1, 2 & 3 are also

The victorious NZ Team.

Back row Darren Ashmore, Rob Jessop (Captain), Mark Lawson, Karl Dravitski, Chris Forne, Neil Kerrison.

Front Row Wayne Aspin (coach) Tania Robinson, Rebecca Smith, Penny Kane, Lisa Frith, Marquita Gelderman, Amber Morrison, Trish Aspin (Coach)


Split times from the Auckland Secondary Schools Championships 2004 are available. Split times, WinSplits Online
Split times from the Waiuku Public Event 23May04 are also available. Split times, WinSplits Online

That big day for Dr Rob Jessop

Well done Rob, we're proud of you

NI Secondary School Championships 23 April 2004   --  Simon Jager winner of the intermediate grade
Well done Simon..

NZOF April 2004

National Championships - Easter 2004 - Manawatu Region

AOC place getters

Sprint Classic Relay Middle Distance
M35A  Jeff Greenwood 3rd M21E    Rob Jessop          3rd
M35A    Peter Swanson     2nd
M40A    Jeff Greenwood   1st
W35A   Alison Comer       3rd
W50A   Joanna Stewart     1st
W21AS Lyn Stanton          1st
              Jennifer Trinick     2nd
W65A   Heather Clendon   2nd
              Vivienne Leigh      3rd
M14A    Toby Scott           2nd
M21C    Arnold Leigh        1st
W21C    Renee Brocas      1st
Mixed Long        2nd
              Rob Jessop
              Simon Jager
              Jeff Greenwood   

Mixed Short        2nd
              Tim Renton
              Lydia Scott
              Toby Scott

M20A    Tim Renton          1st
M35A    Peter Swanson     1st
M40A    Jeff Greenwood   1st
              Rudi Hlawatsch    3rd
M55A   Alistair Stewart     3rd
W21AS Jennifer Trinick     1st
W65A   Heather Clendon   1st
              Vivienne Leigh      3rd
M14A    Toby Scott           3rd
M21C    Arnold Leigh        1st
W21C    Renee Brocas      1st

Results from the event at Muriwai are now available - including split times. Also in a form for printing. Split times on WinSplits Online


Toby Scott, Imogen Scott, Simon Jager, Tim Renton, Jeff Greenwood, David Stewart and Rob Jessop brought the Club home again for the third year in a row. (Unfortunately Toby and Imogen had another commitment and were not present in the cool morning sun at the presentations).

(Click on this photo for a mug shot of this sombre group.)

 February 15  Orienteering in Woodhill Forest on Pot Luck         results


Club Uniform now available - use the order form.
  Access to all WinSplits results that the Auckland Club have submitted.

26 May 2003  Hobbit Woods Auckland School Champs 2003 WinSplits
27 Jan 2004  Selfs Farm Summer Series WinSplits
15 Feb 2004   Pot Luck Promotion WinSplits
4 April 2004   Muriwai Promotion WinSplits
23 May 2004   Waiuku Auckland Sec Schools Champs WinSplits
23 May 2004 Waiuku Public Event WinSplit


Greencoast National Rogaine Champs, 6/7 March 2004, Auckland Final Results Splits